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  1. SQ 334 SIN-CDG 77W First Flight
  2. Brisbane Downgraded to 16x Weekly
  3. MEL officially dropped from list of 77W destinations
  4. Destinations for the 77W
  5. SIA Unveils The World's Best Flying Experience
  6. Your 'Dream' SQ Routings
  7. How many op-ups have you gotten? report them here! Share your joy!
  8. Singapore Airlines Reveals B777-300ER Seat Map
  9. Surcharge info for 773ER
  10. Random 'The Age' poll on readers' favourite airline - SQ tops list
  11. SQ A380 Website
  12. Which flight to MEL?
  13. Rolls-Royce Trent 700 Engines Selected to Power A330-300 Fleet
  14. PPS Do at UK new products launch tomorrow
  15. Can you book BCN-MXP?
  16. C/J fares from Italy reserved to PPS.
  17. SQ fare buckets
  18. SQ & BA seeking to buy SU 787 delivery slots
  19. SIA Release Internet & Automated Check-In Demos On SingaporeAir.com
  20. Yippeeeee! I've booked a 744 F flight redemption!
  22. Piper in the SKL F lounge !
  23. SIA is the best
  24. Additional flights for Singapore - Bangalore - Singapore
  25. An old Raffles introduction catalogue
  26. Megatop introduction catalogue, old SQ stuffs etc.
  27. SQ/VS expand codeshares
  28. Some Tidbits From SQ285 Today
  29. SQ Seatmaps - A Reference for Finding the Best Seats
  30. 77W 9V-SWA delivery flight
  31. SQ Doesn't Love Me Anymore
  32. Kebaya IFS
  33. KrisFlyer Magazine with A380 B787 commercial
  34. Meals for SQ222: SYD-SIN
  35. 77W 9V-SWB
  36. Yay, MAN got some additional flights in Jan !
  37. Why no BTC from Paris ?.
  38. What Do You Think of the Current Book the Cook Menus?
  39. KrisFone Omitted From B77W
  40. SQ17 YVR-ICN-SIN Delayed Due to Weather
  41. Singapore Airlines in the News
  42. No 772LR or 747-8, for now!
  43. seat availability ADL-SIN
  44. Surcharges for A345 flights on CRTW's increasing
  45. How does waitlisted booking work?
  46. The Magic of X'mas Day on SQ
  47. New "Romance of Travel" website
  48. Singapore girl video!
  49. Breaking News: CGK to Fly Economy!
  50. More 773ER Debut Info
  51. SKL stationery?
  52. SKL Toiletries: Anyone Else Take Them On-board?
  53. SQ Does Love Me
  54. Celebrity Sightings
  55. Plethora of Seats
  56. SQ038 Delayed / 6 December
  57. SIA Commercial 2006
  58. Six SQ 744's to be converted to freighters?
  59. Request for Pictures of....
  60. SpongeBob Packs Lunch On Singapore Airlines
  61. 77W 1st Flights/Delivery Flights Thread
  62. A380 1st Flights/Delivery Flights Thread
  63. The New Krisworld
  64. Increase in holiday period flights to AKL, HKG & BLR
  65. 2007 Calendar
  66. krisshop?
  67. singapore icon?
  68. SQ DC-10-30 aircraft model
  69. SQ may order more B777-300ERs due to WhaleJet delays
  70. Individual Table Setting in J...
  71. Random superficial observations on the new menus
  72. Open-skies pact SIN-Ireland
  73. Why no more MegaTop, Jubilee, LeaderShip titles...?
  74. Customer Relations
  75. SQ may fly to WLG
  76. Minor adventures...
  77. Annoucement for self-printed boarding passes
  78. Celebrate Christmas with Singapore Airlines
  79. New Noise Cancelling Headsets for C
  80. Have you ever bought something because it was featured on SQ?
  81. JAEGER LE-COULTRE → Master Compressor Geographic SIA Limited Edition
  82. SIA receives the 600th B777
  83. SQ seals 380 deal with airbus !
  84. Checkin Not Allowed = Just a Systems Bug?
  85. SQ346 ZRH
  86. Comment cards
  87. KrisShop prices
  88. Refitting 9V-SV*
  89. 50 Hours Check-In In Advance
  90. SIA A380 inaugural flight - Let's start making plans!
  91. Some flight numbering changes for MNL
  92. Relatively Tight Connection Backfired This Time
  93. Is there something wrong with www.singaporeair.com?
  94. The end of an era
  95. 772 Rotation
  96. URGENT: need help with seat booking on SQ!
  97. Singapore Sling mix on KrisShop
  98. Healthier choice on the menu
  99. Boarding Pass Priveleges and KrisShop
  100. Singapore Airlines Rocks! (Video)
  101. IFS greetings
  102. Can't get through to the SIN hotline
  103. SQ B77W in BusinessWeek
  104. 3 months tickets?
  105. Inflight Entertainment on SQ
  106. First Business Class Experience - coming this Saturday!
  107. SIA may change ad agency
  108. SQ 632 - Spacebed or Regional C class?
  109. SQ's fuel surcharge
  110. Just made Elite Gold
  112. IFE
  113. Singapore Airlines in the News - 2007 Edition
  114. Is it time to retire the Singapore Girl ?.
  115. KrisShop recommendation: 3-CD jazz set
  116. Some dreams about SQ
  117. Impossible to upgrade on SQ861/SQ862
  118. Economy outlet?!?!?
  119. Which route will get the A380s?
  120. Highest percentage of SQ on RTW tix ?
  121. BTC - the experience and the do's and don'ts
  122. Singapore Airlines to Outsource its Reservations Call Centre
  123. Voted?
  124. Keeping SQ menus
  125. Book the Cook
  126. Slight equipment change for MEL
  127. Interlining SQ to MH on separate tickets: possible?
  128. SQ SIN-EWR Flight???
  129. How can I get my wish seat
  130. Breaking News: CGK flies traitor air in F!
  131. SIA eCards for Chinese New Year
  132. 77W equipment swaps
  133. Headphone Jacks
  134. SIA Now World Largest Airline By Market Cap
  135. SQ engine fire, emergency landing in Beijing
  136. Lounge usages in KUL for *G?
  137. 77W C: bulkhead vs. non
  138. SIA unveils the NEW Singapore Girl
  139. SQ Internships
  140. SQ Talk is amazing
  141. Minimum Connecting Time
  142. SilverKris Lounge Computer Wallpaper
  143. VS Revival Lounge at LHR
  144. News Alert: Australia & Japan cabin baggage restrictions from 1 March 2007
  145. Do you think this trick work on board SQ flight?
  146. Compare the prices of RTW
  147. Singapore Airlines Reduces Fuel Surcharge By US$2 - 4
  148. Singapore to Barcelona on 77W
  149. Waitlisting for a flight...Does it work?
  150. Queen - the movie
  151. LAX-SIN nonstop experience
  152. SQ amongst 7 airlines hit with AUD200 million class action
  153. recommend F seat
  154. SKL guest access for wife and daughter?
  155. SQ 1 Award
  156. hhey guys help need quickly regarding ticket purchase
  157. Some observations from my recent SQ flights
  158. SIN-BKK Flights Renumbering
  159. SKL = comforts of home?
  160. what seat option to ask for via krisflyer frome bne - manchester
  161. Airbus A380 cabins revealed today as SIA confirms Sydney route will be world's first
  162. Why 773ER Q-Surchage only Applicable to Business Class Only (HKG Passengers)?
  163. Any Comments on SIN to LAX and from YVR
  164. Airbus Flight Shows Off Troubled A380
  165. Two Mystifying Questions
  166. Seating for B777-300
  167. Yet another cost-cutting measures from SQ?
  168. Singapore Airlines results up sharply, boosted by one-off gains
  169. Op upgrades: BKK/MNL/HKG
  170. on line check in emergency seats???
  171. When does SQ begin loading the fares for a particular season onto the website?
  172. 2-Hrs delay on MI 222
  173. Had to check twice - SQ special SIN-KUL
  174. Nairobi?
  175. Aaarrggghhh - does the UK call centre EVER answer the phone?
  176. B77W bulkhead IFE screen
  177. PM from TOF...
  178. 777-World: Report of SQ's 777s to Europe
  179. The "What's in Krisshop this month" thread
  180. False Accusations of SQ First Class Catering & IFE
  181. Recomendations On MEL-SIN-HKG flights & deals?
  182. PPS Club Logo
  183. No Peanuts & Instant Noodles Available on SQ377 J Class?
  184. 24 Hour's on SQ
  185. Does SQ Priority Services means anything to you?
  186. SIN-MEL-SIN flight preferences in Raffles?
  187. Travelled on SIA B747 recently?
  188. 787-3 for SQ regional routes
  189. Announcement of Reduced Flights To India Limits Options, Growth Potential For Canadia
  190. SIN-FUK Frequency Reduction
  191. SQ flights to Italy increased.
  192. Opinion regarding seat in Y for 744 aircraft
  193. Getting Oriental meal instead of Continental Breakfast in F
  194. Would you recommend SQ for a first time flyer?
  195. Short Story of BigTop
  196. Need advice on SQ routing...
  197. "My Bookings" in SQ website
  198. 77W......77WOW!!
  199. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Oceania (AU/NZ) cabin baggage restrictions from March 2007
  200. 2 tickets, one flight!
  201. SQ F KUL-SIN
  202. BOM goes e-ticketable at last!
  203. Cancellation Of SQ/CO RTW Fares
  204. SQ non-stop to CAI, increased IST freq?
  205. A little bit of trivia......... ;)
  206. SQ website - could/will it be improved?
  207. List of New Flight Numbers from 25 March 2007
  208. SIN-AKL FIRST ????
  209. Singapore Girl creators lose airline ad account
  210. PJ's on SQ637
  211. TPE-LAX Fare Increase
  212. Query about lounge access - can someone please help ?
  213. SQ International Culinary Panel
  214. SIN-LAX Non-stop Best Y Seat
  215. A380 flying SIN-MEL?
  216. New C award on NH found!
  217. SQ/US Codeshare Agreement
  218. Singapore's Future Long-Haul Fleet Usage
  219. SQ new economy class tray
  220. Best Krisshop Gift Recommendations for a 3-year old
  221. Can you RCI on a different PNR?
  222. Which 77W did you fly on?
  223. KUL-BHD, what options?
  224. The SQ crew appreciation page - post commendations here :)
  225. SIA Increases Fuel Surcharge By US$2 - US$4 per Sector
  226. Are there any funny SQ adverts ?
  227. SIA Corporate Travel Programme
  228. Why doesnt SQ allow seat selection for tickets booked by travel agent?
  229. SQ First Flight Covers
  230. Best SQ routing to BKK...
  231. SQ Web Site Down
  232. Anyone on SQ469 Today (26-Mar-07)?
  233. A345 seating changes?
  234. What are my chances on waitlisted on any flight to KUL this weekend?
  235. Loads on JFK-FRA in C?
  236. SQ Private Jet Charter
  237. How to do SIN-BKK in biz
  238. Not strictly SQ... but well worth it
  239. I am glad SQ Serves Proper Timed Meals
  240. Will SQ launch SIN-HKG-YVR...?
  241. Steep increase in F fares CGK-LAX(or SFO)-CGK
  242. SQ newbie: questions about F
  243. Can't get KUL-LHR to price at W: why?
  244. Interline Web Booking?
  245. SQ catching the TG disease at BKK ?
  246. Additional flights to CDG on the way apparently.
  247. My First Trip on the new 773s
  248. This Month's Movies...
  249. SQ - to fly to DUB around september??
  250. SQ SIN Catering Thinks I am an IDIOT