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Official : A350 on SIN-SFO & SIN-LAX , Removal of GRU

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  • Originally posted by Metropolitan Airlines View Post
    I wonder as LAX is located on the West Coast of USA, why A350-900 can do direct non-stop to SFO but not LAX?
    LAX is 300+ miles further than SFO, could be one reason


    • Originally posted by Carfield View Post
      I have just posted the menus and wine list over at the SQ J menu thread in the catering forum.

      The service was really slow as I mentioned earlier. The new meal concept is definitely interesting, but the crews are simply not familiar with it. I am a bit confused by the menu too. I am sure they tried to do the Qatar, Etihad and JL thing, but not sure if they are able to accomplish it. These crews have done those super long haul flights before, so they sort of did it that way.

      First meal was very elaborate with no tray used.
      You can only get one starter - no starter and soup
      For dessert, they serve you the mini dessert tray with special chocolates
      Cheese and fruits are on request

      Second meal was served mid-flight
      You get a starter tray with breads, but not sure if they expect you to order any starter or not.
      No dessert was offered, but they rolled out the cheese and fruit trolley.
      There were the typical pralines service after the meal.

      Just a brief update - there is no pre-arrival meal. The all-day breakfast is very confusing, as I expect that there is a breakfast service before arrival. So no more full meals after the mid-flight meal. There are light snacks like wraps, but F/As said that I could choose anything from the menu. However many items have run out but there are always noodles and sandwiches. SQ needs to do better in pointing those things out in the menu and perhaps a meal plan is needed.

      Thank you, Carfield! Hopefully things will improve over the next few months as they get feedback etc.


      • I have found that BTC has been unavailable for at least 10 days. Tried it for F and J reservations.


        • Y menu have been uploaded in the Catering thread.

          Found that the delectables (wrap and drinks) and refreshments (snacks) have been merged together in the menu compared to the inaugural flight menu.

          Premium Economy gets one more extra option for the mains, otherwise the rest is the same and of course the cutlery as well.

          As for SQ31 which can last as long as almost 17hrs, the last mains gets served quite early like 6-7hrs before arrival and the rest have to depend on going to the galley for snacks. Wraps were still available, but not distributed though, or perhaps not that I'm aware of. Chips and chic bars went out of stock very fast.

          A lot of peanuts were available though. I feel that SQ31 needed at least one more mains, or at least more snacks onboard for the return during winter season due to strong headwinds, but not sure whether the limit of trolleys loaded with food have been maxed out for this flight.