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  1. SQ First Menus
  2. SQ Raffles Class Menus
  3. SQ Y Menus
  4. The Menu Gallery - First Class
  5. Favourite route in terms of food
  6. The Menu Gallery - Raffles Class
  7. The Menu Gallery - Economy Class
  8. Beef Sukiyaki
  9. BTC - Pictures collection
  10. Ex-KIX Picture Menu (Mar-Jun 2007)
  11. SQ 016 R-Class Menu from 1/9/1979
  12. BTC planning
  13. Menu and Beverage Cover Picture
  14. Satay
  15. Question regarding 2nd growth- Bordeaux in F
  16. Cocktails on short flights?
  17. Some basic BTC questions for SQ1/2
  18. BTC ex-SYD
  19. BTC ex-NRT in C
  20. What would you have for lunch ex-HKG in F?
  21. Meal served on SQ 191
  22. Anyone flown SQ638 in R lately?
  23. First time in buiness class how does meal service worki?
  24. SQ879 TPE-SIN Y food: disappointing
  25. SQ J on the KUL-SIN-KUL runs
  26. How many meal on SQ 317
  27. How Many Meals on SQ 15 in F
  28. vital question requiring urgent help!!!
  29. SQ26 downgraded to Supper
  30. Flying SQ 15 tomorrow...what is the onboard menu
  31. F Meals on SQ 466/467 SIN/CMB/SIN
  32. Can I order J BTC when flying F?
  33. No BTC in F
  34. F: Nigiri Sushi vs 5-spice Chilean sea bass
  35. Some Qs about First Class BTC
  36. Looking for BTC resommendations for SQ1
  37. SQ25/26 BTC Recommendations
  38. BTC in J ex-MEL recommendations?
  39. Prices of wines served onboard SQ
  40. A Reference for Special Meals Available On Board Singapore Airlines
  41. SQ12 SIN-NRT
  42. Low Fat Meals in F
  43. BTC in F on SQ227, 863 and 318
  44. How many meals on SQ 602
  45. SQ food for special occasions ?
  46. Vegetarian BTC options in F
  47. Y Class Meal - Starters?
  48. Second J Meal on SQ2 HKG-SFO ?
  49. BTC on SQ 319
  50. BTC selection help
  51. Flights that don't give you the FULL SQ catering experience
  52. Vegetarian Options in Y
  53. Boiled Eggs in F
  54. SQ messed up my meal choice - twice!!
  55. BTC: Guinea fowl ex-LHR
  56. BTC from SIN - CGK
  57. Is the meal better if we choose online?
  58. BTC in Y?
  59. Caviar in F from SYD?
  60. Low Salt Meal
  61. Meal Advice
  62. Caviar now available on HKG-SIN
  63. New Chinese Fine Dining Choices On Shi Quan Shi Mei (十全食美)
  64. Latest Chef On International Culinary Panel Set To Thrill With Chinese Gourmet Deligh
  65. Is the Lobster so Great I Should Book it Twice?
  66. Pictures Collection: Special Cakes Aboard SQ
  67. BTC - Which Rack of Lamb?
  68. SQ219 - SIN -SYD F Meals
  69. Some observartions on Tray usage for Short-Haul New Business Class
  70. Are 380/77W F/J meals better than they were on 747 on same route?
  71. caviar service in F
  72. Which F lobster is best? LAX,NRT SIN?
  73. BTC SQ 318/317
  74. SQ 218 MEL - SIN Supper in J ?
  75. What are the Standard Meals on Singapore Airlines like in Economy
  76. The Singapore Airlines - TWG Tea Drinker's Rating Thread
  77. Not quite stargold's monster lobster BTC
  78. SIN-ICN-SFO Grub in J
  79. Veggie meal options in C
  80. Honeymoon cake in flight ?
  81. BTC options for upcoming flight in F
  82. Can Shi Quan Shi Mei Meal be requested on First Class departing from Singapore?
  83. BTC - How far in advance?
  84. Getting late BTC requests in
  85. BTC on SQ 321/285/318
  86. kosher meals what to expect with Singapore Airlines
  87. SQ285 SIN > AKL Business Class Menu?
  88. Great food in J - but to find good cheese is like gold...
  89. Satay prelude disappears on some of my sectors?
  90. Book-the-Cook on SIN - PER
  91. BTC for Breakfast SQ285 SIN to AKL
  92. Special Meal Request on economY SQ (Seafood Meal)
  93. Christmas Turkey Dinner
  94. Economy Class Meals SIN-SYD SQ221
  95. J Class Menu Barceleona - Singapore
  96. Muslim meal in SQ Y
  97. Y Class Menu FRA-JFK-FRA
  98. Anyone know the current SQ321 Y Menu?
  99. Special Meals: Fruit Platter (Y)
  100. Seafood meal questions
  101. Multiple menu requests : SQ235, SQ246, SQ308, SQ377
  102. "Does Airline Food Always Have to Suck?"
  103. Slipper Lobster Thermidor in J
  104. SQSM disappeared from F cabin cuisine???
  105. SQ318 SIN-LHR
  106. Y menu IAH-DME-SIN return
  107. Business Class Menu
  108. does SQ inflight bar stock Martini?
  109. Book The Cook
  110. F: Book the cook question MEL-SIN-FRA-JFK
  111. Another Book the Cook Question : F-Class
  112. SQ 216 & SQ 618 PER - SIN - KIX Meals in J Class
  113. Choice of Bread Rolls in First Class vs Business Class
  114. BTC?
  115. Halal Meal
  116. Dilemma - whether to BTC
  117. Declining standard for SQ Satay?
  118. Do SQ do double catering?
  119. Seafood and Vegetarian meal
  120. Vegetarian Meals on SQ and other airlines
  121. Bangkok flights: Food in Y
  122. Why Different No. of Choices in A380 Y for Different Destinations
  123. What is the new Kyo-Kaiseki meal like?
  124. You be the judge! Unacceptable SQ F class vegetarian meal
  125. Bad experiences in First Class
  126. J Menu Requests
  127. Food in Economy Class to Europe
  128. Hanakoireki on SQ638
  129. AVML now officially known as Indian/Hindu Veg meal!
  130. SQ321 LHR-SIN
  131. SHI QUAN SHI MEI - SQ830
  132. SIN-FCO Meals - Book the Cook?
  133. can someone give me the current menu for SQ322/SQ317
  134. SQ880 SIN→TPE
  135. Krug: Half bottles used in F
  136. Los Angeles Star Chef Suzanne Goin Joins Singapore Airlines' Int'l Culinary Panel
  137. Do they serve Champagne in coach?
  138. SQ602
  139. BTC Healthy Breakfast Ex-SIN
  140. Singapore Airlines To Serve Sweet White Wine In Suites And First Class
  141. "Criteria" for satay service?
  142. One measely meal on SQ 12 SIN-NRT in Y ?
  143. SQ Satay comparison
  144. Special Meals
  145. SQ345 / SQ346
  146. New Champagne in J?
  147. Common BTC items for F and J
  148. ST: The man who obsesses over SIA's inflight meals
  149. If my book the cook order isn't to my liking?
  150. what if food ran out ???
  151. Food on SIN-KUL
  152. SQ211 - Singapore-Sydney
  153. About Book the cook
  154. Fruit Loops in SKL?
  155. Have the meals on the flights changed?
  156. BTC "Yummy!" menu
  157. Cocktails
  158. Non-carb meal
  159. SQ11
  160. Happy Easter from SQ
  161. At last - New Book the Cook Menus !
  162. Y Menu for MAN - SIN
  163. AMS to SIN and SIN to ADL business class menu or book the cook?
  164. Food in SQ865 Hongkong - Singapore
  165. AMS to SIN First Class Menu
  166. SQ Skyhigh cocktail
  167. Low lactose meals on SQ flights from sydney to Delhi and back
  168. Meal Times F
  169. BTC SIN-LHR comparisons
  170. SQ15 Economy Class VJML and Indian Veg Meal Menu
  171. Indian Vegetarian in First and Business
  172. Menu changes
  173. SQ211 J Class
  174. Icecream on SQ25 In Y
  175. It looks like it is now possible to BTC ex-MUC!
  176. Post Weaning Meal
  177. Book the cook - Worth the try?
  178. SIN-BKK-SIN BTC ??
  179. New Chinese F menu on China flights
  180. Booking of Hanakoireki on SIN-FUK ??
  181. how is SKL J for breakfast?
  182. Bak Kut Teh for Supper in J on SQ800 SIN-PEK
  183. Decisions, decisions: Seared lamb loin or seared veal fillet
  184. Meal service
  185. Economy Class Breakfast
  186. special meal - SFML for breakfast...what to...?
  187. Christmas Menus
  188. Matt Moran interview
  189. Supper and breakfast meal service in Suites
  190. Lobster thermidor or thai red curry for light F meal ex-SFO?
  191. In-between Snacks: Fishball Noodles
  192. Shrinking Meal Portions in Business Class?
  193. What's this "Japanese Meal" option for Breakfast? LHR - SIN
  194. Meal Selection for business/1st class
  195. SQ218 & 227 F Menus
  196. Need Advise SIN-TPE-SIN
  197. Nasi Lemak on SQ800 SIN-PEK (J) Red-Eye
  198. Current SQ235 Y catering/service-info?
  199. Does anyone have a latest SQ62 "F" menu to share?
  200. Child Meal on SQ Business Class
  201. Meals on SQ216 J
  202. BTC Ex-NRT
  203. Standard & Child Meals On SQ223/SQ214
  204. SQ25 and SQ221 F Menus
  205. SQ494/495 SIN-DXB
  206. Peranakan Meals to be catered on flights!!
  207. SIN-HND-SIN Y Menu
  208. Special SG50 cocktails / mocktails!!
  209. SQ Y Catering to Jakarta
  210. TLC's Nomad Chef: Up in the air episode featuring SQ
  211. Instant Noodles
  212. BTC now available for Refreshment service?
  213. BTC SIN-TPE
  214. SQ Premium Economy Menus
  215. Fillet Steak in Y - SQ616 SIN-KIX
  216. Suites to CDG
  217. LHR menu request
  218. SQ Economy Class
  219. SQ26
  220. menu onboard flights to india
  221. Delicious Wholesome Book the Cook
  222. Semi-fluid meals
  223. SIA celebrate 50 years of flying down under with Aust themed meals
  224. CDG-SIN Catering in J
  225. SQ603 (ICN-SIN) menu ?
  226. SIN-KUL-SIN - refreshments
  227. MENU for SQ603 and SQ826 ?
  228. Anyone tried the char siew rice dish in J yet?
  229. 70th Anniversary Local Fare
  230. BTC: Kyo Kaiseki
  231. Brunch SQ 211
  232. Book the cook
  233. Further catering cost cutting
  234. Suites BTC question
  235. SQ feedback:No caviar if you BTC??
  236. Singapore airline frequent flyer programme
  237. Pre-select your Inflight Meal
  238. Caviar in SQ 321?
  239. Caviar in sq 306 and sq 308
  240. BTC photos ex Taipei
  241. BTC Ex-SEA & EWR to start soon
  242. Ramen Kaisuke to be featured on selected flights