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Default F eyeshades - new style/colours

Noticed the other day in F the eye shades have changed, now in a light grey/off-beige colour, not the dark chocolate brown. Material is also a little different. Excuse bad quality picture, the soft case is also now a shade or grey.

The connecting flight in R had the old style dark chocolate brown eye shades. I was thinking possibly a new style that is slowly being rolled out, or perhaps this is being aligned to the new/enhanced F product due to be launched later this year (along with Bose headsets etc.).

If so this could suggest a move away from the current F and J seating/cabin colours, i.e. dark brown and beige and imitation wood panels.

All speculation, just guessing
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I got this too on a recent flight in R from SFO and I returned it to them. I thought it was for economy. Economy's shades are in grey tone. I thought they made a mistake

If this is indeed the new one, i don't have a good first impression. It's a little thin on touch and doesn't feel as smooth as the old one.
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it looks too cheap for F to me..
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Please bear with me.. I must be missing something, but I can't seem to find the description of F amenity kit and PJs on the SQ website.

I'm trying to find out on which flights do they give them out. I know there's a certain minimum number of hours on a day flight and night flight, but I can't remember. Can someone help?

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