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Originally Posted by 9V-SIA View Post
O&D=origin & destination. Pax going from A to B eg SIN-LHR

Transit / Connecting. Pax from A to C via B. eg SYD-SIN-LHR

VFR=visit friends & relatives. Low yielding. Passengers look for cheap fares
Just some more off the top of my head...

Pax - passenger

Ex-SIN - from Singapore Changi airport

RT or r/t - roundtrip
OW - Oneworld (the airline alliance) or oneway

Open jaw - fly to A, fly back from B

Surface sector - getting from B to C on a ticket other than by flying (i.e. you sort it out yourself)

Origin - where you start

Outbound or o/b - the flight going out
Inbound or i/b - the flight coming back

Transit - for ticketing purposes, < 24 hours (there are exceptions)
Stopover - for ticketing purposes, > 24 hours (there are exceptions)

PNR (passenger name record) - the record on the GDS which holds details of your ticket
GDS (global distribution system) - one of the reservations systems like Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo etc

MPM - maximum permitted mileage for a particular mileage based fare (you pay more in steps of 5% until you get to a maximum of 125% of MPM beyond which the fare is not valid)

Longhaul - a long flight, e.g. London to Singapore
Shorthaul - a short flight, e.g. London to Paris
Medium haul - somewhere in between the above

Rerouting - changing the route of the flights on your ticket

GV2, GV4 etc - a fare for two / four / etc people travelling together

STPC - there's an overnight stop and the airline pays for your accommodation

Surcharge - an extra fee

Carrier - airline (with various types, e.g. issuing/ticketing carrier, marketing carrier, operating carrier etc)

IATA (International Air Transport Association) - the global body which represents airline so you have, for example, IATA hand luggage maximum dimensions

I'll stop here. There are others which don't spring to mind and others (e.g. SITI, SOTO, HIP, ADM/debit memo, plate, nesting etc) which are not needed by most people.

Happy to be corrected if any of the above are wrong.

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