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CCR=BA Concorde Room
BTC=Book the cook
FA=Flight attendant
FF=Frequent Flyer
OP=Original Poster
OT= Off topic
DP=Dom Perignon
AD=Airworthiness Directive
NSFW=Not Safe For Work

The following is a link for all airport codes:

Anyone want to add the missing ones?

Airline Codes:

AF=Air France
BA=British Airways
BD=BMI (British Midland Airways)
BI=Royal Brunei Airlines
CA=Air China
CX=Cathay Pacific Airways
EL=Air Nippon
EY=Etihad Airways
HX=Hong Kong Airlines
JL=Japan Airlines
KL=KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)
MH=Malaysia Airlines
NZ=Air New Zealand
PG=Bangkok Airways
QF=Qantas Airways
QR=Qatar Airways
SQ=Singapore Airlines (The best one)
TG=Thai Airways
UA=United Airlines
UL=SriLankan Airlines
VS=Virgin Atlantic

This should cover most off the ones used on SQTalk. Please add any missing ones.

J and Raffles Class menus are one and the same. Raffles Class is the old name for Business Class

Ticket Class Codes

First Class Category
R=Supersonic or First Class Suite (currently only on the Airbus A380)
P=First Class Premium
F=First Class
A=First Class Discounted

Business Class Category
J=Business Class Premium
C=Business Class
D=Business Class Discounted
I=Business Class Discounted
Z=Business Class Discounted

Economy/Coach Class Category
W=Economy/Coach Premium
B=Economy/Coach Discounted
H=Economy/Coach Discounted
K=Economy/Coach Discounted
L=Economy/Coach Discounted
M=Economy/Coach Discounted (Round the World Fare)
N=Economy/Coach Discounted
Q=Economy/Coach Discounted
T=Economy/Coach Discounted
V=Economy/Coach Discounted
X=Economy/Coach Discounted

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