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New Cairns lounge?

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  • New Cairns lounge?

    I was in Cairns recently for work, and chatting with a client. He mentioned that he recently installed some technical equipment in "the Singapore Airlines lounge". This would likely be building work for a future lounge. He's not an aviation person, so I didn't ask for more details. But sounds like the move to regional A350 will lead SQ to open a lounge there.

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    That’s a lot of seats to be sending to Cairns. They must be sure they will get enough traffic in J to make it work.


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      I wrote a comment a few days ago similar to my post above on a month old article on Executive Traveler about the change to A350. I suspect this prompted some digging from the editors of that site as a day or so later an article appeared stating that there is a 3rd party lounge opening on the site of the old Reef lounge, and that it is welcoming SQ, NZ, and VA J passengers and elites.

      I have no real expertise or inside knowledge, but on the face of it agree that is a lot of capacity for that route, would be surprised if they could even get close to filling J with paid pax. I'm kinda surprised the route is viable even with 737MAX. Some commentary on the original ET article I mentioned suggested high freight loads, though nothing obvious as an export commodity ex Cairns jumps out.

      Anyway, I happened to notice the extra capacity a week or so before the ET article and grabbed 4x J redemption seats SIN-CNS in the busy January period. An overnight and a connection home to Brisbane next morning is a bit nicer way to do it with wife and 2 young kids than direct in Y.


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        My rough guess with the freight aspect would be tropical fruit for the Singaporean market.