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The SIA Lounge Experience 2022

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  • The SIA Lounge Experience 2022

    SQ Lifetime Solitaire, First Class SIN/MEL and went to the lounge on the same day as below story was recorded. And this report is kind in comparison to what the real experience was. A lot of angry First Class, Solitaire, and F-class customers ... J-class was more zoo like and most certainly unsafe (no safe-distance, people sleeping on chairs with feet on tables, etc. .

    Considering that fares increased sharply and the service dropped to an all time low, SIA's management team and CEO should learn a lesson or two from their competitors. Certainly clever that they dropped the slogan "service even other airlines talk about" and "a great way to fly".

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    SQ just announced that the krisflyer gold lounge is opening soon on 20th may

    that ought to provide the much needed relief


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      Originally posted by CheapoFlyer View Post
      SQ just announced that the krisflyer gold lounge is opening soon on 20th may

      that ought to provide the much needed relief
      not if you PAY and fly First Class and the new lounge is not the much, much, much delayed FCL lounge ("supply chain issues" and "COVID" related issues....ofc)....however, fares increased substantially and based on my last experience one can summarize:

      CHECK IN: At FCL terminal as normal
      LOUNGE: Disaster at T3
      BOARDING/AIRCRAFT LOCATION: The friendly SQ reminder stated: Your flight departs from Terminal 3 (C24 is not even close to T3....but this is ofc a Changi Airport issue according to SQ...and NO buggy service for FCL because of COVID....the universal excuse for just about every shortcoming in service terms around the world - not exclusive to SQ)
      FLIGHT: Hardware still outdated, Baby in FCL ... and parents seated in FCL and JCL who shuttled forward and backwards) .. crew was good and tried hard....
      ARRIVAL in MEL: First Class baggage (for all FCL baggage came after JCL, Crew, and half of the YCL load...)

      Summary: Fares (return) increased for SIN/Australia/SIN in FCL from 7k+ to 9k+ after COVID.....above review plus poor call centre service prior to the trip does not provide an acceptable price/value scenario. BA offers sub 7k fares to/from SIN/SYD and offers a much better lounge experience on both ends and once QF re-starts its QF1/QF2 run to LHR via SIN, at least Sydney bound customers have more choices.

      However, some very good news for SQ management here: Singaporeans seemingly want to "support, support" and pay above market fares for less service. Additionally,, less competition out of SIN provides sometimes a monopoly in certain areas for SQ. Good for the short term but not a viable long term business model....unless Singaporeans continue their "support, support" mentality ... many Australians already concluded that QF is now better in terms of seat, inflight catering, and lounges. Stunning considering that Aussie's love to come down hard on their national carrier.


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        Totally agree. It's piss poor. Even by J standards.

        Lounge - This was in March. Lounge had enough seats for 6pm departure, but in a mess. Single choice of red and white wine in wine dispensers were empty and not refilled during my 45mins lounge visit. Sad empty bottle of whiskey sat on the counter for 45mins as well. Nuts etc were out of stock. Food quality noticeably poorer. Sure the govt. doesn't allow open buffet, but at least top up the limited options you are offering.

        Changi - Never understood why the cannot offer fast track/priority at the gate security for F/J. Even CX manages to do it at an outport like Changi when they were operating from T1. And for all the bullshit about how Changi is the best airport in the world, they can't even get their taxi supply right. It's always a good 20mins wait these days taking a taxi from Changi.

        Flight - Hot towels not available (Fair enough if they're singing the covid song) Catering quality dropped a fair bit. Of course they claim that out of safety everything is pre-packaged and hence no trolley of cheese etc. 1 toilet blocked in J blocked for crew. (Of course, using covid as an excuse again). I don't think it would enhance safety that much.

        Arrival - Was told no fast track because of covid. This was just ridiculous. I thought all the more they should give fast track so that passengers get out of the crowded airport quickly.

        Crew - Good. Could tell they were trying hard to make things work.

        Needless to say, my trips in Apr and May went to competitors offering better products. Singaporean here who does not accept SQ's pricing vs product.


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          So, earlier this evening I went to SilverKris lounge hoping for improvement after KrisFlyer Gold opened.

          Alas, still a zoo.

          I left and went next door to SATS where I got a seat easily, and without neighbours. Sure, sacrifice quality of food and drink but at least no queuing and less bustle.