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  • BTC First Class ex-HKG: Lobster Wonton Soup

    Book the Cook (ex-Hong Kong)
    Lobster Wanton Soup
    Lobster Wanton soup with ee fu noodles and Chinese greens


    • BTC First Class ex-SIN: 8 oz Ribeye Steak

      March 2019 Ex-Singapore Suite Class

      Book the Cook
      Eight Oz Rib Eye Steak
      8oz rib eye steak with creamy green peppercorn sauce, roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes


      • BTC Business Class ex-SIN Chargrilled Soya Beef

        Book the Cook
        Chargrilled Soya Beef
        Japanese-style beef served with vegetables cooked in mirin and shimeji mushroom rice,
        Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Yoshihiro Murata

        Not good at all - overbooked beef


        • Originally posted by Carfield View Post
          Not good at all - overbooked beef
          I have been lucky enough to have 100% success in this BTC - as in the beef have been cooked perfectly (not overly cooked).
          With beef steak dishes it really depends on the crew handling the meals.


          • Any recommendations on what is the best option for BTC on SQ34 ?
            How's the Lobster dish in J ex-SIN ? Is it still good as before . Last time I rode J was 3 years ago so apologies for the question as wanna make the money worth.


            • The Chicken and Prawn Laksa is a winner, I also had it on a redeye out of SIN to Europe, large serving also, highly recommended.


              • BTC First Class Frankfurt - Singapore

                Suckling pig with dark beer sauce, savoy cabbage and potato wedges

                Meat was tender and juicy. Roasted skin was crispy


                • BTC First Class Ex-SIN: Fishball and Fish Dumpling Noodles & Pappardelle with Seafood

                  Book the Cook Ex-SIN: Fishball and Fish Dumpling Kway Teow Soup
                  Flat rice noodles in light chicken broth, garnished with fish balls, fish dumplings, fish cake and bean sprouts.
                  Served with Chinese preserved vegetables (tung chai) and sliced red chili (inclusive of Breakfast service)

                  Book the Book Ex-SIN: Pappardelle with Seafood
                  Lobster, scallop and salmon in a mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes and seafood broth, with al dente pappardelle pasta


                  • BTC First Class Ex-HKG: Braised Abalone and Mushroom

                    Ex-Hong Kong
                    Book the Cook: Braised Abalone and Mushroom
                    Braised Abalone and Mushroom in oyster sauce with flat noodles


                    • BTC Beef Steak in business class October 2022

                      Book the Cook ex-Singapore
                      Beef Steak
                      Charcoal Grilled Beef Tenderloin, creamy polenta, red wine sauce with seasonal vegetables


                      • August 2023
                        Singapore Airlines' Business Class

                        Book the Cook

                        Beach Road Prawn Mee Soup
                        A combination of yellow noodles and rice vermicelli, immersed in flavorful prawn and pork broth.
                        Accompanied with fresh red leg prawns and bean sprouts. A crowd favorite among Singaporeans.


                        • January 2024
                          Singapore Airlines Business Class Book the Cook
                          Outbound from Singapore

                          Char Siew Wonton Noodle
                          Wonton noodles tossed with seasoning and pork lard garnished with pork char siew, pork dumplings and leafy greens. Served with chili sauce, green pickled green chili and soy sauce.
                          Only available on flights with flight time of more than 4 hours