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How many meals xSFO?

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  • How many meals xSFO?

    SQ has several flights a day from SFO. A friend is on SQ33 now and apparently is getting only two meals? Supper just after takeoff (around midnight SFO time) and breakfast before arrival SIN. Is this normal for a late night departure? Do the earlier flights get 3 meals?

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    Hi abraxis! Based on my previous fliights on SQ32/21 on the SIN-SFO-SIN sector in Y, it does look like SQ serves only 2 meals on these flights.

    They do have sandwiches/buns and cup noodles available on request as well, and I often do get hungry at some point, so I either ask for cup noodles, or bring a cup noodle myself as a backup (The cabin crew are happy to add hot water for you).

    More in this TR.