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Solitaire Benefits Are Coming Back - Slowly

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  • Solitaire Benefits Are Coming Back - Slowly

    Singapore Airlines still totally overwhelmed even weeks into a step-by-step approach of opening borders slowly and orderly, is finally bringing back some love to its PPS Solitaire members:

    Effective 6 December, (and as expected) totally out sync with the reintroduction of Suites, the First Class Check-In Reception will be open again.

    PPS Connect remains completely broken and has an average response time of 9 hours over the last couple of days, so still many things to tackle.

    I am a TPP13 and I can say I have never seen such a dismal show of poorest performance in the last 13 years like what SIA's management is showcasing every day at present.

    It must be a top priority for management to take best care of their highest revenue passengers and the current situation leaves a lot to be desired.