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SQ to TR connection from US to India question

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  • SQ to TR connection from US to India question


    I am not sure if it’s the right thread to ask. Mods, please move it if need be.

    Has anyone ever flown from the US on SQ and connected by TR to India? My parents were considering it because they at the end of the day tend to be very picky on places in India and thankfully we chose not to book it due to the inconvenience of the layover (over 14 hours in SIN) and they only gave Premium Economy (no day flight because it did not go along with the fare). I have heard and seen horror stories about Scoot in terms of being a LCC, rules on not taking water onboard, food purchase (which is usually of bad quality) and seats are worse than Spirit Airlines (only flew them one time but never after that).

    If anyone has, just had a few questions:

    1) Will your luggages from the SQ flight get automatically transferred to the final destination if by Scoot? I have heard some places that it’s not the case and have to take your baggages from SIN & check them in for TR.

    2) If traveling from India and connecting to the US, if you have a few large bags that need to be checked in, will Scoot charge (SQ never does in our experience)? And will we have to pick them up in SIN before transferring to the connecting flight back to the US?

    3) SQ’s itinerary when they connect you to a Scoot flight says “complimentary meal”, but I heard Scoot charges for food and the food is worse than SQ. Is that misleading or is it true that you’ll get a complimentary meal when connecting from a SQ to a TR flight?

    This is for knowledge and just trying to confirm my understanding is correct if and should my parents choose to fly this way, though I’ve suggested them not to.