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SIA Finally Revamps Premium Economy Dining!

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  • SIA Finally Revamps Premium Economy Dining!

    Some great news just in...SQ is finally revamping their Premium Economy dining concept! From news articles just published, it looks like it is a big upgrade from the Economy-style dining they used to serve, to an enhanced offering, more inline with what other carriers are offering in their PEY cabins.


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    This is great news. My dad has flown SQ’s Premium Economy on the A350 3 times and while he was happy with a little more legroom he didn’t find any significant difference in terms of the food. For him it was almost like normal Economy food. Not that it was bad but average (gone downhill compared to the past).

    I’m not sure when we will fly SQ again (now many of the trips have recently been on Emirates to India & now Skywards members) but should there be a time when we fly off peak and the fare is decent, we will opt to pay more and fly it.

    If not October, hopefully I’ll get to try it in 2026.