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Dom Perignon disappeared

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  • Dom Perignon disappeared

    Yesterday I flew F with SQ - my first F since the pandemic

    Sad to report that Dom Perignon has disappeared from the First menu. In its place is Taittinger Comtes. The FA informed me that Mot & Chandon signed an exclusivity agreement with Emirates, making the Middle Eastern carrier the only airline serving Dom Perignon.

    IMO: These exclusivity agreements are the sort of things that don’t sit well with me.

    Thankfully, I can report that Krug is still poured freely in First!

    On a side note, the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame is off the list in the new Private Room too. That has been replaced by the Comtes as well.
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    Hi vbarbertini! Yes, F has disappeared from SQ F menus. Apparently Emirates managed to secure exclusive rights to Dom for at least till 2024. That said, mrs yflyer and I were lucky to sample some of their remaining stock last November on SQ25 FRA-SIN. It was not on the menu then, but they had a bottle onboard...


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      I actually don’t mind the CdC and preferred it to the DP.

      But agree those sort exclusivity deals seem a bit gimmicky but not surprised this coming from one the ME3. At least there are plenty of worthy options.