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Book 2 way trip from KUL instead of SIN

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  • Book 2 way trip from KUL instead of SIN

    Hi everyone,

    not sure if its the correct thread.

    recently was shadow browsing flights to UK from both SG and KUL on emirates.

    premium cabin fares from SIN - MAN were almost 4-5k sgd more expensive than from KUL - MAN.

    is it possible to book KUL - MAN 2 way, and book the sin - kul segments seperately?

    i know it is possible on the website , but from a customs and immigration point of view, is it fine or will there be any issue?

    or other factors to consider?

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    Perfectly fine, as long as you have the visas to enter Malaysia. You can enter and depart within an hour (go through immigration) not an issue.

    and yes, SQ tends to sell its ex-SIN tickets more expensive than some other nearby stations. Always been like that.

    for eg if you book SIN-JFK on business round trip now, it’s around $9900sgd.
    the same flights from SGN-SIN-JFK business round trip will cost $3300usd ($4400sgd). It’s also similarly cheap from KUL/PEN as well.
    ive never understood why.