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Air Canada Nonstop to Vancouver (SIN-YVR) Starting in April 2024

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  • Air Canada Nonstop to Vancouver (SIN-YVR) Starting in April 2024

    In April 2024, just over a month from now, Air Canada will start flying from Singapore to Vancouver nonstop, using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

    These will be the first nonstops between Singapore and Canada, and the return of Air Canada to Singapore since they discontinued service to Singapore years ago.

    This was announced in the Straits Times last year.

    On a personal note, I am heading to Montreal via Vancouver in early April and I will be checking out these flights in premium economy. I was very tempted to fly out on the inaugural but I only need to be in Canada later in the month, so decided not to. Oh well.
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    The inaugural for YVR-SIN and SIN-YVR just happened, with the first flight from Vancouver landing yesterday (4 April), and the return flight SIN-YVR departing later that morning.

    Was anyone on any of the inaugurals? If so, any experiences to share?

    I'll be on AC20 SIN-YVR tomorrow 6 April. Looking forward to it, and if all goes well, I will of course do a TR.


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      Hello everyone! Just off my flight AC20 SIN-YVR. Currently sitting in the Maple Leaf Lounge waiting for my connection to Montreal.

      The inaugural SIN-YVR happened 2 days ago, and this was the 2nd flight after the inaugural.

      While I wasn't on the inaugural, while checking in, I did spot this tote bag that someone else was carrying...

      Wonder what goodies were inside...

      I had a great flight to Vancouver. The cabin crew on this flight were the crew who did the inbound inaugural YVR-SIN 2 days previously.

      I bid for a J upgrade from PEY, and it was accepted, so I flew this sector in J.

      My return leg in a week's time will be in PEY. The PEY cabin pictured below:

      This flight was 100% full in all cabins, including Y, which was in typical 9-abreast 3-3-3.

      I enjoyed the Air Canada J experience. I felt well looked after by the warm, experienced, cabin crew.

      Catering was a highlight.

      A pleasant surprise was the window in the bathroom between J and PEY.

      Especially since I did not have a window seat! :-)

      My flight was just under 14 hours. The Airshow map was quite fully featured, and was even integrated to AC's airline schedule...

      Just a quick preview here. I will of course do a full Trip Report later!

      Safe travels everyone!

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        Looks good.


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          Originally posted by SQ218 View Post
          Looks good.
          Hi SQ218! Just got back to Singapore yesterday.

          It was a very good flight from Singapore to Vancouver in AC's Signature Class i.e. Business Class.

          My onward connection on AC, in Premium Economy, to Montreal was very good as well, with a very smooth connection process at YVR. Similarly my return sectors from Montreal to Vancouver, and on AC19 VVR-SIN, both in Premium Economy, were very good as well. All flights on-time were on-time.

          For my YUL-YVR-SIN return flights, my luggage was checked through all the way from YUL to SIN, and at YVR, there was no need to reclear security before heading to the airside area for my YVR-SIN flight.

          In all, a very pleasant and efficient way to get to/from Canada from Singapore!


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            A few pics from my flight AC19 YVR-SIN nonstop from Vancouver to Singapore earlier this week, in Premium Economy, to whet the appetite while I write up the full trip trip report.

            The PEY seat was quite comfortable, with decent recline.

            Positives: Good width and recline. In the bulkhead PEY window seat, it is possible to get past the aisle pax to the aisle without having to ask the aisle pax to get up.

            Negatives: No footrest or calf rest. I didn't like the headrest design that much, as it didn't have movable wings.

            Hot towel after take-off...

            Catering was very good -- essentially business-lite for post-take-off beverage service, and the main meal.

            Drink service immediately after take-off, in proper glassware (Remember, this is PEY).

            Main meal, on a single tray, with proper tableware and glassware...

            Catering format reverted back to Economy-style catering for breakfast service (and midflight snack)...

            PEY cabin layout was 2-3-2.

            Flight time was 15 hours and 58 minutes.

            Overall a very good flight in AC PEY.

            Both my outbound AC20 SIN-YVR in Business Class, and my return AC19 YVR-SIN in Premium Economy were very good, with a strong cabin hard product, and also very good service.

            My flight was 100% full in all classes on my outbound AC20. On my return AC19, PEY was full, but Y was fairly lightly loaded. I think J loads were decent, although I don't know if J was full.

            WiFi on my AC flights was very good. It was paid WiFi, and cost about CAD $30 i.e. SGD $30 for the full flight, but it could be used for multiple devices, and was reasonably fast. I could actually do decent work on MS Office web based applications during the flight, and sending pics via WhatsApp worked well too.

            More details in an upcoming TR!
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              Thanks for the detailed trip report!


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                Originally posted by Stratoliner777 View Post
                Thanks for the detailed trip report!
                Thanks Stratoliner777! The trip report is in the works! Coming up shortly!