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UA328 (Boeing 777) Uncontained Engine Failure (21 Feb 2021)

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  • UA328 (Boeing 777) Uncontained Engine Failure (21 Feb 2021)

    By now most have seen the pics and onboard videos of UA328, a 777 that suffered an uncontained engine failure after take-off from DEN, enroute to HNL.

    Glad that the pilots landed the plane safely, and all pax and crew unharmed, with many pax apparently still unshaken and confident enough to take other flights to HNL later that day...

    Lots of discussion ongoing at PPRuNe, my go-to site for aviation incidents and accidents...

    The ATC recording of the full flight can be heard at this link, with the May Day call starting around the 8:45 minute mark.

    On a related note, the engines on this UA Boeing 777-200 were from Pratt & Whitney. The engines on SQ's 777's are either from GE or RR.

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    Very scary videos taken on board; so glad that they landed safely and that no one was injured by falling debris.