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Air NZ launches new life-flat product for Y pax

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  • Air NZ launches new life-flat product for Y pax

    The Economy Skynest is the result of three years of Air New Zealand research and development, with the input of more than 200 customers at its Hangar 22 innovation centre in Auckland. The airline has today filed patent and trademark applications for the Economy Skynest which provides six full length lie-flat sleep pods.

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    Available to book, as an addition to a normal seat booking.


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      Thanks for sharing, 9V-JKL!

      The V-shaped layout looks like a very good way to optimize space.

      I hope this concept is one that they launch, and that other airlines will copy (in ways that do not infringe on patents etc.). Wish other airlines were as creative as Air New Zealand.

      That said, the one thing that is inherently inefficient space-wise is the fact that for this prototype, this is a bed only, and there will need to be seats somewhere else for pax for take-off / meals / landing etc.

      Maybe in a future version, they will figure out a way to convert those beds to seats for that purpose rather than have seats somewhere else.
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        A back of the envelope calculation: assuming a seat pitch of 32" in economy, this could mean sacrificing up to 3 rows of 9 across economy seating, yielding 18 skynest beds (6 beds in each bank of 3x3 economy seats).

        I'm really curious how they will make this commercially viable. Even premium economy at a 30-50% premium to flexible economy class fares looks like a tough ask in SQ's case. What more asking the customer flying economy to pay the price of another seat and possibly more (given the example of reducing 27 economy seats to only 18 beds).

        Interesting option for economy class nonetheless. Wonder how they'll differentiate the pricing for sky couch especially for solo pax.


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          Great option but I wonder how it would affect Y class prices. Moreover, itís very good for long haul overnight flights especially