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    Here’s to a Happy and Safe New Year! Safe travels all!
    God must have been a ship owner, he placed the raw materials far from where they are needed and covered two-thirds of the earth with water...


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      All the best to everyone. I hope you have managed to have a good Christmas, despite all the current chaos. Lets hope we do actually get back to some sort of normality next year, and its a Happy one for all.

      Originally posted by MAN Flyer View Post
      My travel is over for this year, thankfully. I am probably going to get around a month without getting on a plane.

      Starts again early next year though....
      Oh the irony...complaining about too much travel!!. What would I give to be doing all that again......


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        Happy New Year, MAN Flyer and everyone here! Wish everyone a great 2022, and here's to a normal, or at least more normal year ahead! Safe travels!


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          Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

          Was great to be on a plane in early December, to experience SQ's onboard Christmas decor again. Hope everyone is well, and travelling again...

          Best wishes to one and all for 2023!


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            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year yflyer and fellow sqtalkers!!


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              A Happy New Year to all my old friends on SQTalk. I plan to be back on here for 2023. Finally drained my KF account before they took my miles off life support, so I’ll be back in the skies in the new year (which starts for me in 2 minutes!)

              Celebrating with a very sedate cucumber water here. Best wishes to all for 2023!