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  • On arrival PCR turnaround time

    i'm booked on 222, connecting on 326 the next day (18 hrs transit)

    How fast does the OA PCR result come back? Some reports suggest 4hrs...

    I like to be a VTL pax, and book a hotel centrally, (vs the transit hotel whom charge $325 for a stay) and enjoy a few hours of freedom before taking 326 (assuming the results come back within 8hrs or so)

    Just polling some info as to how fast the results are? Thank you

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    Hello pmdg777, one datapoint for you: An acquaintance of mine arrived at Changi Airport at 10.30pm, did the on arrival PCR, and was notified around 3am of the result.

    That said, the ICA website faq says result "...will likely be out within 24 hours." so getting a result within a few hours is not a sure thing.


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      From the Facebook groups, generally the results come in within 5 to 8 hours.


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        I arrived back on a VTL from London last Sunday: landed at 0745, had the PCR test maybe 0815 and the result was emailed to me at 1310.


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          Same for me too. Arrived Nov 7th on SQ 325. Tested at 6:45 pm, with result emailed to me at midnight. All-in-all pretty smooth process, helped due to fewer people arriving just when I landed.
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            I’m curious - is the on arrival test result a “proper” PDF report? I’m thinking of doing a short stopover in SIN on my way to elsewhere. Would be convenient if the result can be reused as a pre-departure test.


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              I am afraid it is not. You just get an automated email notifying you of your result - no PDF.


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                If you have healthhub, the PCR test results shows up there as well and is quicker than the email.