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Do NOT fly or travel to HKG this Friday (26/7/2019)

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  • Do NOT fly or travel to HKG this Friday (26/7/2019)

    Attention passengers:

    Political riots will occur at HKG this Friday. For your safety, please do NOT fly nor travel to Hong Kong this weekend.

    I officially appeal and demand Singapore Airlines to immediately cancel all flights to Hong Kong arriving this Friday for the safety of all passengers, including Singaporeans.

    If you do go to HKG this Friday, you may either:
    - Teargassed
    - Beaten by Triad Societies
    - Pepper Sprayed
    - Have bricks thrown at you
    - Rubber bulleted

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    Sensationalist and overboard...…

    A warning to be careful is one thing but as I am sure measures will be put in place both by the airport and airlines if/or when. You expect demonstrators to storm the baggage hall then immigration?


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      Originally posted by scooby5 View Post
      Sensationalist and overboard...

      A warning to be careful is one thing but as I am sure measures will be put in place both by the airport and airlines if/or when. You expect demonstrators to storm the baggage hall then immigration?
      I hope they have some sense not to do that. That will effectively ground all flights as security would have been breached.

      Why don't they do a Thailand and block the roads instead.


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        Travel Advisory for Hong Kong

        Following reports of an upcoming protest at the Hong Kong International Airport commencing at 1 pm on 26 July 2019, and at Yuen Long in the New Territories on 27 July 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would advise Singaporeans to avoid these locations at these times.

        In recent weeks, several large-scale protests have taken place at multiple venues in Hong Kong. Although mostly peaceful and orderly, cases of localised clashes following these protests were reported. Protests which are meant to be peaceful may still have the potential to turn violent with little or no notice.

        If you are already in Hong Kong, you should take all necessary precautions to ensure your personal safety. You are advised to stay vigilant, monitor developments through the local news, and heed the instructions of the local authorities. You may wish to follow the Hong Kong Police Force on their social media accounts ( and for latest updates. You should avoid protests and large public gatherings, and stay in touch with your family and friends so that they know you are safe.

        Singaporeans in Hong Kong are encouraged to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at to enable us to contact you should the need arise.

        Those who require consular assistance can contact the Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong, or the MFA Duty Office (24hrs) at:

        Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong
        Tel: +852-2527-2212 or +852-9466-1251 (after office hours)
        Fax: +852-2861-3595

        Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24 hours)
        Tanglin, Singapore 248163
        Telephone: +65 6379 8800 / 8855
        I am sorry, but seems that MoFA has updated its advisory to advise NOT to come to HKG.


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          That's not what it says at all, only avoid specific areas and be careful, which are both pretty common sense points in any case.

          Your tone is dangerous but I appreciate the SG bubble means any disruption induces panic.

          A sit-down, albeit noisy, demonstration by a relatively small number of people that has been non-threatening and the kind of protest that they should be........Yuen Long, tomorrow, however, may be a completely different set of circumstances and outcomes.


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            Australian authorities have not even moved any part of Hong Kong to yellow which means they still rate it safer to travel to than all of France. There are certainly warnings of transport and movement disruption, but no suggestion anyone should alter travel plans.


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              Well. if you have to go, you have to go. I am sure no one will provoke an attack.
              Stay safe


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                God some of my fellow countrymen can be so embarrassing sometimes


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                  Well anyway, with HKG ATC apparently taking part in tomorrow's sick day, [s]SQ's operations there might be affected[/s] (Edit 2: All SQ flights appear to be operating as normal for now, but this may change). Then again LHR is on strike too.

                  (I guess that also applies for transfers on SQ1/2?)

                  EDIT: here's a source:

                  The airport is expected to reduce flight operations down to just one runway from two. Based on estimates, this could mean half of flights on Cathay Pacific Airways, the city’s flag carrier, could be affected.
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                    I have a flight to HKG via SIN from KUL early next month.

                    If the situation does not subside, what would my options would be in regards to cancellation?


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                      Speaking of which, kind of makes me wonder whether passengers booked on SQ1/2 all the way through would be allowed to switch to the SFO non stops if they're not comfortable flying through HKG.
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                        More protests at the airport these few days.

                        Looks like Cathay Pacific has gotten into trouble with China.



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                          HK Airport just cancelled all flights.



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                            HKIA has managed to get an injunction against protester activity outside designated areas:

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                              Metropolitan Airlines, though your original post seemed far-fetched and ridiculed by folks here, you were not far wrong from what actually transpired at HKIA. I was there when it got ugly and was stuck in HK longer than I wanted to.