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TWA Hotel at JFK (Previously Eero Saarinen's TWA Flight Center)

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  • TWA Hotel at JFK (Previously Eero Saarinen's TWA Flight Center)

    The incredibly beautiful 1960's era Eero Saarinen-designed airport terminal at JFK has been revamped and reopened as the TWA Hotel.

    Several other useful links here:

    A Feb 2019 NYT article about its redevelopment...

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    I want to visit! Such an architectural masterpiece.


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      Originally posted by Stratoliner777 View Post
      I want to visit! Such an architectural masterpiece.
      It is, isn't it! It is a fully functional airport hotel, so definitely a real (and even practical) option if an overnight/transit stop in JFK is needed.


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        Just one concern about the TWA hotel....... Air Train breakdown

        If Air Train doesn't work and it didn't the day I flew out from JFK earlier this month, you're going to have to take the JFK inter-terminal shuttle and fight with hundreds of people. On that day, the buses were in short supply.

        I didn't stay at TWA but checked-in earlier at T7 and wanted to air train over to check it out.
        The dis-organised bus system that day meant I'll visit it another time.

        If you're flying from T5 no issue but if you're flying from another terminal.....


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          As an historical building, architectural and aviation geeks will love this new TWA hotel. I love the rooftop pool and the runway view rooms. The drinks at the Connie are pricey but the experience is just amazing.

          However, as a hotel, it fails miserably. There are lots of things that are not working. There are also services that should be provided, but not so. I also don't buy that self-check-in idea. TWA hotel is no YOTEL and does not price like YOTEL.

          Anyway, here is the link to the photo album for those who wants to take a look...