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Munich - T1 to T2

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  • Munich - T1 to T2

    I have recently had a connection in Munich.
    Flight arrive in T1 (from EU country on other non partner airline), connect to SQ in T2.

    Immediately out of arrival gate, I looked for sign to T2. If I remember correctly, the sign of "connection" does not point to the connection to T2.

    To go T2, i waited for the bus at ground level. Bus arrive every 15 min.
    The journey takes another ~10 mins. When arrive in T2, I arrive in Schengen. I cannot enter lounge because I have no boarding pass yet.

    I clear immigration and proceed to gate, get my boarding pass. I do not have to clear security again.

    I was not sure if the similar applies to other EU cities, I could not remember it is such a trouble to connect between Schengen and non Schengen.

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    But if you had a boarding pass, would you be able to enter the lounge before the Immigration (Schengen Airside).

    I landed T1 Schengen Airside and just walked to T2 Landside and checked in normally and cleared security T2 to enter Schengen Airside (go upstairs to go non-Schengen Airside)