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KLIA2 - Taxis, behind the scene

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  • KLIA2 - Taxis, behind the scene

    Found this interesting blog on the taxi scene at the new KLIA2 terminal. If one were a Malaysian, one would not be too surprised by these happenings and who the real owners are.

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    Didn't think things were that corrupted. When I went through KLIA2 it was about day 4 of AirAsia being at the terminal and I noticed a serious lack of illegal cabbies there(maybe they didn't show up yet). There were a couple of people that were told that they needed to get a premier taxi, however they either had large luggage, alot of small luggage or were handicapped.

    How it worked for me was that they asked you how many pax and bags that needed to go into the cab and recommended the cab that suited your needs that way. Strangely, on the way back to KLIA2 from Bukit Bintang the hotel got me a premier taxi at budget rates(85RM).


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      Read this blog too, my one pet hate of flying to LCCT was the taxis - I was hoping this hasn't been carried across to the new terminal. - Asian Based Travel and Frequent Flyer Blog


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        Actually the best solution is to take the Expres Rail train from airport direct to Sentral Station and then take a taxi from there....So much faster.


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          Agree! Now that the Ekspres run to KLIA2, it is a no brainer if one is staying around the Sental area.