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Welcome to the airport guides area!

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  • Welcome to the airport guides area!

    Dear SQTalkers,

    Welcome to the airport guide area. The purpose of this area is to provide a local's (or very frequent visitor's) eye view of the airport in question. This might include insider tips on how to make your experience in the airport a more comfortable one.

    Information that is readily available the internet is also welcome, but naturally, unbiased experience from the travellers viewpoint (i.e original) is preferred. The idea behind it is that other posters after the original poster may also add their own tips - and it is incumbent on the OP to update his or her guide - if he or she agrees with the suggestions.

    Eventually, it would be nice to have such a set of guides handy for most of the world. There is enough breadth and depth on SQTalk geographically to make this happen!


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    Volunteers required !

    Dear SQTalkers,

    Seems that the airport guides area would greatly benefit from more additions. It's a lot of writing I know, but let's start up the threads, and edit them sorta like wikis as we go along? I'll start up a few I know a wee bit about, but will need your help guys!