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Airport Guide Template - feel free to add, edit or delete when posting!

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  • Airport Guide Template - feel free to add, edit or delete when posting!

    The airport’s website:

    Customs and Immigration formalities. Do I need to fill out any forms? How do I get through quicker?

    Luggage reclaim : Do priority tags work? Is it quick or slow?

    Transport to Town tips – what’s the best way?

    Are there any left luggage services? Where and how much?

    Are there airport hotels? Are they airside? Are they within the compound?

    Things to avoid: The pitfalls of this place

    Other general tips

    Best way to get back to the airport from town. How much will it cost?

    Which terminal? Who flies out from where?

    Who has lounges here, and which one can I use?

    I’ve got access to more than one lounge, which one’s the best?

    What sort of food is available in the concourse areas?

    Any immigration forms on departure?

    Any airport tax to be paid on departure?

    Is there free internet around somewhere?

    Any food or shopping that I shouldn’t miss before my flight?

    How strict are they with hand luggage here?

    Security – Laptops out? Shoes off? Tips? Any No-Liquid restrictions?

    Can I smoke in this airport? Where?

    Anything I should avoid?

    Other general tips

    Connecting through here:
    Are the international terminals and domestic terminals in the same building? How do I get around?

    Will I need to clear CIQ before going on to my next international or domestic flight?

    Other general tips

    Overnighting at this airport:
    Is it possible? Does the terminal close?

    Which lounge can I overnight in? Can I sleep in the concourse?

    General commentary on this airport: