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Default US to Singapore VTL: SQ37 LAX to SIN in A350-900 in Economy

Hey guys! After ages, I'm back haha.

Finally had a trip again, my first since Feb. 2020. Most of it I've put together in a much-more effective YouTube video, which I'll link here. But I'll summarise things here for those who prefer to read as well!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUSwd89JBHM

Important Links to ALWAYS check before flying

SafeTravel VTL site: https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/vtl/re...ts-and-process

Singapore accepted vaccines: https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/health/vtsg

Singapore entry requirements: https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/arriving/overview

Quick infographic (WEF 6 Dec 2021):

Flight Details

Flight Number: SQ/SIA 37
Departure Airport: Los Angeles International (LAX, KLAX)
Scheduled Time of Departure: 2225
Arrival Airport: Singapore Changi (SIN, WSSS)
Scheduled Time of Arrival: 0815
Cabin Class: Y
Aircraft: 9V-SJB, Airbus A350-900 (LH)

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Before leaving the US, I needed a COVID test at most 48h before my journey back home. Since I was in Austin, TX, but on a different ticket to the LAX-SIN sector, my test had to be at most 48h before the SQ37 departure time of 2025 PT (UTC-8).

As such, I decided to get my test at noon in Round Rock in Austin, from Any Lab Test Now. It was an ART, since pre-departure from the US you don't need to have a PCR test, and it was the cheapest I found in the US for just US$69 before tax. Got my results within 10 min electronically, and even a printed copy with my passport number, and I was clear!

Then I took my United flight from Austin to Los Angeles, and hiked an incredible 20 minutes from Terminal 7 to Terminal B.


Because of my hike, I was already air-side when I arrived at Terminal B (seems a little bit of a security risk to be airside for an international terminal when I came in on a domestic flight). So I followed signs that said "Exit to Ticketing" for check-in.

Check-in was simple, I showed my vaccination status on TraceTogether, showed my printed copy of the COVID-19 ART, and dropped my bag off. Just a five minute process, very painless.

Security clearance

Very simple and fast too, took at most five minutes to clear -- most of the time was spent taking things out from my bag and putting them back in.

Issues with LAX pre-flight

LAX is truly a terrible airport. Unfortunately, it was the best option for me. At the gate, none of the AC power outlets at the seats worked (I tried about eight). So to charge my drained laptop, I had to go to a random pillar some distance away from where I was seated. But to charge my camera batteries, I had to use the USB ports at the seat (of which I had to try five before I found one that worked). So being split like that was quite frustrating.

Boarding and Taxi

Boarding was quick and simple, start to doors closed in 20 min. Boarding was done by groups, and they provided earplugs, a water bottle, and a sanitary kit (face mask, hand sanitiser, and cleaning wipes) before you got on.

I was seated in 60K, and got immediately asked if I wanted a pillow and blanket when I settled down, which was very proactive from the FAs. Pushback was well on time, too, and we had a quick taxi to runway 24L.


We hit some strong turbulence initially, but it all smoothed out before the meal service.

Disappointingly, SQ no longer seems to do paper menus. Instead, you have to access it through your phone. The supper was very good, though, even if the salmon was kinda dry. The pasta and tomato sauce was brilliant.

Full-res: https://i.imgur.com/sYDAqB0.jpg

I did some work, looked out at the gorgeous star-field, and had Nissin cup noodles. I then went to sleep at Singapore time, but annoyingly, the breakfast service was done at LA time, which makes adjusting back to SG time a little harder. However, the sweet and sour fish and bee hoon was absolutely delectable and came with some yogurt.

I went back to sleep after, and soon we were making our approach to Singapore. It was a very smooth landing in the drizzle, and I think this flight is very much doable, even if it can take 18h sometimes. For us, we got some nice tailwinds that reduced flight time, but for $1000 round trip SIN-LAX-SIN, this is very comfortable.

The seat is brilliant, tons of leg room, very comfortable. The seatback pockets are immensely useful, all in-seat power works excellently, the IFE screen is big and has a deep and varied selection. The tray table with the sliding mirror is slick, the flip-down cup holder is also great, though the phone holder is very much outdated. You can't put 90% of 2021 phones in that tiny compartment. At most an iPhone 8?

Changi Arrival

When you come into Changi, things are very simple, especially if you're local. You come in, fill out an e-Health Declaration Card, clear immigration, collect your checked bags, go out of the terminal to do your PCR test (which you can pre-pay for on Changi SafeTravel Concierge), and then come back inside to go to a pickup point or a taxi stand. Results will be emailed in 6-24h, though with new restrictions, you need to do self-administered ARTs on Days 2, 4, 5, and 6 (and upload results online), and have to go to get ARTs done at their approved centers on Days 3 and 7.
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Thanks for sharing, Shikhargpt! Amazing pic of the starry night!
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Thanks yflyer! Hope this was helpful too
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Great TR, also the information for future travel on PCR and traveling on VTL flights are useful
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