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Default 777X to replace A380 at QR


For the A380s, on the 10thanniversary, we will retire them,”....

.......“The 777X will replace the A380 on routes, including to Australia”
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This does not surprise me as Qatar is the only ME3 carrier that did not take advantage of the A380 to launch ultra-luxe cabins or amenities, and I believe it's also the only aircraft in their fleet with First Class at all. The token order of 10 (like Etihad) seems like a "me too" move. The flagship for Qatar appears to be the A350, with their "First in Business" cabins.

On a side note, its still baffles me how a self-proclaimed "aviation analyst" without much depth and accuracy in his reporting and analysis gets so much attention and media appearances. He seems really chummy with Qatar too, often getting "exclusive one-on-one" interviews with their CEO...

An example of his "analysis":
Al Baker told me “We don’t see any secondary market opportunity. There are ex-Singapore Airlines A380 jets that nobody wants, and this year, there will be aircraft available to the second-hand market from Emirates” — implying the Emirati carrier will have to give up some A380s due to over-ordering.
I don't see how Emirates retiring A380s from their fleet in 2019, 10 years from their first delivery, implies over-ordering. Perhaps Emirates decided not to renew the aircraft leases and is replacing earlier, heavier and less efficient A380s with newer ones? In the same vein, shouldn't Alex conclude that Qatar retiring their A380s 10 years after their delivery imply that they over-ordered?
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It's stunning to me that the Superjumbo would be removed from airline fleets so quickly (not just QR, but AF for example; apparently MH has been trying to find buyers with little success), and even moreso that the production line is supposedly on the verge of being shut down after a little over a decade.

Especially when considering that the 747 program just celebrated its 50th anniversary! I wonder how long SQ will keep theirs -- and maybe SQ and EK will end up being the only carriers to have ordered newer A388s to replace older ones of the same type?
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For SQ and its 5 new A380s that were delivered only last year, one can expect SQ to keep its A380 fleet for at least the next 10 years at the minimum, unless oil prices climb up much higher than it is now. The other 14 older A380s that SQ have are going in for a major cabin retrofit and hence will be in the fleet for sometime to come, even though a few are reaching their 10th year of service now.
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