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Default Malaysia - Wow!

Apologies for a thread that is 'political', which is actively discouraged on here, but this is such big news and certainly a shock. Did anyone see that coming, as unpopular as Najib is ?.
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Huge news.
It started to look like the tide would turn in the last few days leading up to Election Day.
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See it coming? No. Pleasantly surprised? Yes. There's been some pent up anger and it showed in the polls.

More than anything, I'm pleased it sets a precedent. It means that it is possible that with the right will, you can unseat the entrenched if you're sufficiently unhappy with their performance. The future generations of Malaysia will benefit.
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Yes, as shocking as Trump and Brexit! But in a good way.

I hope it becomes a good example for countries in the region, of how a peaceful change of government is possible through democracy and the rule of law.
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What is there to say.......except, there is/was clearly a reason Najib tried to skip the country on Saturday morning by preparing a private jet for the two of them to Jakarta!

In the end, I think it says enough and everything.

In the last couple of weeks I did begin to wonder if Dr. M could pull it together since Najib was getting more and more desperate the closer the election came - more holidays, raising Minimum Wage, this and that......
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