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Default Heathrow Arrival Fast Track

I am flying into Heathrow in Economy on SQ but i am Elite Gold, Will i get a fast track card from SQ?
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Originally Posted by patrabit View Post
I am flying into Heathrow in Economy on SQ but i am Elite Gold, Will i get a fast track card from SQ?
AFAIK, no. They are normally given out to F and J class but once when I was travelling Y, I was also quietly given one. Not sure if it was because I was PPS - I never asked.

The "normal" line can sometimes be faster than Fast Track because there's usually just 2 officers manning that section. If you're in a hurry, I would recommend that you try to sit as far upfront in the aircraft as possible. And if by chance you get the FT card, check the queues before you blindly join them; eventhough there may be 10-20 people on the normal queue, it may be faster.
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Recently fast track has been a bit of a misnomer... but I've mostly been coming into T4.
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Nothing is Fast at Heathrow, especially 'Fast' Track.....
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I would add a couple of thoughts - even if one uses the "fast track", if you checked in luggage you'd probably still need to wait for quite a bit at the baggage carousel. It's really marginal whether then "fast track" actually helps in such a situation and so wouldn't have thought people should get too hung up over it.

In my experience, the luggage takes at least 20 minutes from door opening to reach the carousel, and that's if you're lucky. So one can actually afford to stand in line at immigration and not lose any "real" time.

I do think it's a shame they've done away with the IRIS scanners... that was genuinely FAST.
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Just wondering, if my flight arrives at T3 at 0620, and with fast track just for arrival, will it be too rush for me to make it for a 0945 departure from T4?
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I usually avoid the fasttrack. The normal line is faster. That's because there are many counters in the normal line and they can rotate the passengers. FasterTrack only one or two counter and if it's held up, then it's a long wait.
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