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Default TAROM old school economy service from Moldova to Rome


The 3rd installment of my USSR series brings us to another retro experience with TAROM. While itís not exactly as retro as the experiences in Ukraine and Transnistria, and I was not expecting to write a report on TAROM (originally thinking that it would be just a regular intro-European flight). To my surprise, TAROM is quite still a relatively special experience because it is still pretty much old school. It reminds me of late 1990s and early 2000s.

For those who have not read my earlier installments, you may find them in the links below

Part 1: Throwback to USSR: Ukraine Intíl and the State Aviation Museum

Part 2: Time travelling to USSR: 1973-vintage An24 and overlanding through Transnistria

Chapter 1: TAROM ATR-42 (Chisinau-Bucharest)

Flight: RO210
Aircraft: ATR42-500
Registration: YR-ATG
Class: Economy
Load: 100%

My flight on the Long journey back to Asia began in the wee hours at Chisinau Airport. While Moldova is often said to be the poorest country in Europe, Chisinau airport is pretty much almost first world and of relatively good standard on par with airports in more advanced parts of Europe

Itís a small single-storey airport with check-in areas on the ground floor and a landslide cafe above.

It was not a particularly busy morning and I cleared my check-in in minutes. I was on a Long-ish itinerary KIV-OTP-FCO-RUH-CGK. All on Skyteam. 2 separate tickets with TAROM and Saudia. I asked for through check-in but was declined. But not an issue as I have allowed a good 4 hour buffer in Rome for the connection.

Departures that morning. They are mainly regional European destinations. There is no intercontinental service into Chisinau. Note that the board is in English / Romanian / and Russian. Essentially Moldova is the Romanian-speaking region of the former USSR while Romania was independent of USSR

KIV is a small airport and I cleared a quiet security pretty fast and walked through the duty free. Literally walking through it.

And I made my way up to a nice cafe for breakfast since I have no status in Skyteam and had no lounge accesss. Looking down to the main Hall, I have to say itís a pleasant airport.

The cafe upstairs

And the waiting area, which got gradually filled up as the flight times approached.

The flight was on time and we boarded from Gate 7.

KIV only has bus gates. Itís a very simple modest airport.

And then we were driven to our ATR who had overnighted.

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