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Default 15Dec2006 CX254 LHR-HKG in J

Booking Class: I
Seat No: 21H
Departure Gate: 3
Arrival Gate: 63
Baggage Claim: 12

I logged on my MPC account and realized my original flight would be delayed to 0030 unfortunately. No phone calls were given by CX London until 1530. I was informed CX 250 was delayed to mid night and the check-in service wouldnt not be opened until 2000. Due to living in Central London (KingsCross),it was better to keep sitting at home. Finally i decided to take Underground to LHR at 1930.

Arriving at LHR CX counter at 2045, ONLY A FEW PEOPLE including one of my schoolmates were standing there to wait for being a voluntneer (eventually they got £300 and one night hotel at LHR area + a seat on next day CX252). I was glad to see that as no queues for me. However my mood was turned down after being informed check-in for 250 was closed. My best seat 86A was given to someone else. The supervisor and check-in agent told me i should turn up at 2000. XXX,I was sick and didn't argue with them. Fortunately, they offered me a seat on 254.Otherwise, I have to spend ££££ to purchase another ticket back to HKG (holding a highly restricted ticket and no no-shows were premitted). My check-in procedure was completed at 2125. After saying to my friend who was going to the hotel,I rushed to the gate immediately. I only took 6 mins from CX counter to Gate 3. No queues at all

Boarding was begun at around 2200. No amenity kits and beverages were distributed until 2230. It is way too late and inefficient. Taxing and taking off took us another 30 mins approximately. Cocktails were served and orders of main course were taken at around 0000. Having to wait another 45 mins for my supper. My Diamond neighbour was giving up to wait for the meal and lied down to sleep. I am pleased to see CX to change their presentation of main course into a plate. It looks much better and gets up to J standard. The two courses I had were almost the same with those were offered on my previous flight to HKG in F.

ISM Carman said hi to me when I was enjoying my first main course. Obviosuly,it was a good chance for me to order my 2nd main course and gave her some comments of the new presentation of food and those higher quality of blankets. However I was curious about those BCs( lowest tier of CX Cabin Crew). One of them dropped two glasses of orange juice on the floor, I did doubt that whether they are new trained J cabin crews. However ISM strongly disclaimed that and apologized it might be due to a long J cabin in 346 and introduction of new services procedures. It is fair enough.

After finishing my meals and watching a movie, time to get a sleep (48 hrs didnt sleep before this flight). Four babies were in the Business Class cabin and toilet is located behind me. I had only slept for 3-4 hrs. Keep boiling those tv programmes and movies. ISM came to say good morning to me, as well as my Diamond neighbour. He asked the same question I asked before and told ISM it was one of his worst flight ever ( amenity kits and beverages should be served at the beginning). She apologized to us again. After our comments(complains) and a littile chat(condemnation) to the cabin crews,the service seems much better and more professional. ISM served us breakfast herself as well. We were greatly appreciated. My flight was ended up with apolgy from a FP.

In conclusion,it is another good J flight if not taking bad J seat in account. It is really challenge for new cabin crews to serve their pax well in such a long J cabin (60 pax in total). CX might have spend more time to train up their cabin crews with transfering food to the plate. Anyway,it is a good improvement of J food. Well done CX!! For J and F,I would strongly perfer 747 instead of airbuses.

Thanks for reading my crappy flight report.


Seasonal Salmon on Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

Sauteed Seafood with Morel Mushrooms Steamed Rice and Pak Choy

Braised Lamb Rump with Chicks Peas,Cous Cous,Kenya Beans and Carrots

Chocolate Raspberry Delice


346 J cabin
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Cheers for the 2 excellent trippies, ny911!
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Nice trip report.

Guess CX is still serving plastic utensils, even in J.
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Thanks for sharing the trip report, ny911.
I am missing CX...
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