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Originally Posted by tth_ben View Post
If your employer is willing to stump up $10k for Europe round trip tickets, then it's pretty clear that the eventual margins that could accrue from such trips for the business are way beyond $10k. Seriously, if it were really "bad for your employer" these trips would have been axed long ago.
No matter what, SQ (and to be fair other airlines) is taking advantage of such scenarios. And no, sometimes the margin for such trips is 0. Eventually is priced in for the deal concluded.
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Originally Posted by SQ025 View Post
Not everyone has the opportunity to book that well in advance. Iam often left with just a couple of days to book before having cutomer meetings. Not seldom I have no time at all and Iam forced to fly on the same day I booked the ticket. Good for SQ and bad for my employer.

I'm not cutting it so close as you, normally book 1-2months in advance. Close enough time that SQ prices have gone up and far away enough that overseas airlines usually have not.

Of course there are those "sudden" trips that are, thankfully, less than before but then you have to take what you can find.
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Looking at their facebook comment n so many issue pop up. Some are really due to unreasonable customer (such as asking for free hotel due to the recent Mumbai bomb scare for SQ423)
But most of them are really related to customer service n wrong/updated info. Their mobile app still reflect those Osaka flight as confirmed instead of cancelled. Pax can’t generate flight disruption statement letter etc. n different info give by customer service in SG n Japan.
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I cannot do olci as they have added my first name into the last name, and the system complains that my last name does not match the booking and I cannot edit the last name.

I end up need to make Long distance call to a Singapore to ask the agent to rectify it so I can do olci..
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Any updates on this?
Singapore Airlines fan in Sweden.
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