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One of SIA's better offerings. Decor is nice and airy, a great view from full sized windows to the outside world, the food is very decent and even has good sandwiches - sometimes all I want is a snack before boarding, but none of the lounges at Changi have halfway decent sandwiches, I just cannot fathom that. The management at Changi need to go to LHR to look at how a lounge should be.
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No more champagne for the morning departures from LHR. At least that's what I was told on 16 Dec. Only prosecco was out, asked for champagne. Now only from 1700 hrs.
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The view from here has got considerably better as they have demolished what was left of the old T1/2. This means when sat at the window in the F side you can now see both runways. It won't last of course as they will eventually build back up again but we should always be grateful for any outside view from SQ lounges such is the scarcity of them...
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