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Default Greek Island Hopping - Milos, Santorini, Paros, Mykonos (+ Athens)

The thread on Greece in the Destination Planning section, plus working through a contingency for planned travel this year, had me reminiscing about our visit to Greece last September.

We did an island hop of Milos, Santorini, Paros and Mykonos (plus Athens) and absolutely loved our first visit to Greece. I keep meaning to write up TR 'at some point' with pics but there are limitations with putting up pics from Instagram on an IBB (unfortunately previous attempts to 'direct link' IG photos to this forum fell over - links broke after a couple of weeks) and I haven't had time to upload my pics to a separate online account.

So hopefully this abridged report of sorts helps someone. Happy to answer any questions though.

Breakdown of itinerary:
3 nights in Athens
6 nights in Milos (our designated veg out spot)
2 nights in Santorini
3 nights in Paros
2 nights in Mykonos
Final night in Athens prior to flying home the following day

Greece is a wonderful country filled with the most charming people.

I am so glad that I did not skip Mykonos (hesitated because I read very mixed/polarised reviews). It is easily a million times better than Santorini, and remains one of the 2 equal-favourite parts of the trip.

Got upgraded to an amazing suite at the Mykonos Blu thanks to Virtuoso, and its private section on Psarou Beach is fab. Great for a luxury beach holiday with very swimmable beaches and solid fine dining.




The beach clubs were winding down (was in early Oct by the time we got to Mykonos, nearly the end of the season) but we had a great time and got to turn 18 again anyway. Mykonos is really just insanely effing fun!


Oia in Santorini was stunning (and we loved our stay at Maregio suites which was in a nice & private part of Oia near that Byzantine castle thing with amazing sunset views) but once we've gotten our fill of 'that view' and selfies with the famous blue domes, there wasn't much of interest. Food was also largely expensive and sub-standard in Santorini (I can however recommend Roka in Oia) whereas there are loads more options in Mykonos and Paros. The only beach in Santorini was a bit of a mission to get to (we didn't bother and spent almost our entire time in our suite - had a private plunge pool), and I was out of breath the whole time thanks to all the stairs!





Milos blew us away with scenery that I can best describe as otherworldly. Loads of beautiful beaches (Firopotamos was my favourite) and quiet swimming coves to discover. Definitely go on a boat cruise to see Klefiko, Sieka and something else I can't spell. But we were based in Pollonia and even though it's a cute little town we quickly tired of the very limited food options over the course of our week long stay there. Less than 10 restaurants and they almost exclusively serve seafood. 4 nights here would have been sufficient, not a week long veg out haha. Renting a car is a must here as public transport is nearly non-existent.







If I were to re-plan the trip - Paros would have been an even better veg out spot with heaps of nice restaurants and bars. Naoussa in particular was pretty cool with a reasonably happening nightlife even in late season, though all the beach clubs have already shut for the season. Nightlife is said to be pretty great when in-season.






Also did the day trip to Antiparos which was quite a bit bigger than I expected. Worth at least an overnight stay next time.


Would definitely head back to both Paros and Mykonos. Loved Athens too - underrated party town, and food was inviting and delicious plus very cheap. Don't just 'transit through' Athens as a lot of people would advise. We stayed at Hotel Lozenges in Kolonaki which was amazing value and easily walkable to shops, restaurants and bars.

And of course it wouldn't be a trip without some quality cocktails and I got to tick the Clumsies (ranked #7 on best 50 bars) off the list.


We planned our ferry itinerary around the islands using ferryhopper.com. It allows multi-sector bookings which helped immensely, and didn't charge any mark ups or service fees. SantoriniDave's website was also a great resource for hotel reviews and comparisons of the different islands.
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