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Default Star Alliance is considering new status tiers above Gold

Star Alliance Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond? The world's largest global airline alliance which includes heavy-hitters such as Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and United among its roster is looking at adding one or more top rungs to its frequent flyer ladder.

Star Alliance CEO Jeffrey Goh confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that the group's board meeting in Sydney yesterday discussed introducing "one or more levels" above the Gold tier.
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Given that Silver is worth virtually nothing and Gold is supposed to be everything, this would allow them to differentiate a lot better, but I'm sure it will be done by moving existing benefits of Gold upward. Attaining Gold will become out of the reach of Y flyers as mileage accrual shifts further downward and the rewards of attaining it will get even less. *A status will become just a corporate industry perk and independent flyers won't get any reward for their devoted loyalty. Cynical, but that's how I see it.
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still considering?

what are they waiting for?

let's go, come on, just do it
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