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Default Seat Size regulation

Seems like the US may finally regulate seats on a plane


Really wonder how this is gonna pan out.

I'm all for it but how does one determine what size is good for who as passengers are all different and this is one definite can of worms

Any thoughts?
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This sort of thing is really irritating. There already exists a market with many many options you can choose for relative levels of comfort according to budget. I like the fact that I can go bargain basement on Air Asia for short legs, maybe a real airline if I want to treat myself, business class, etc. The US you have budget carriers, legacy carriers, exit row seats, "Main Cabin Extra" style seats, and J/F class. There is a solution for most budgets/comfort levels. People might like to grumble, but they vote with their wallet and get what they pay for. All this would do is force up prices, particularly at the low end.

I can guarantee that this particular politician is accustomed to flying up the front on somebody else's nickel. One day, only Y seats available, has to fly at the back. Is appalled at the experience, mind instantly jumps to create a rule. No brains, no subtlety, no understanding of how markets work. Sees something he doesn't like, jumps to ban. It's sad that somebody so economically illiterate can be so powerful.
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