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Another shocker yesterday 09/8: arriving on SQ238 at T3 around 1515, took all of 45 mins to clear immigration, with 6 desks operating and about 20 pax in each line. Do the powers that be not know about this, or do they just not care, or what? I remember the "good old days" when you usually just walked through immigration almost literally without stopping! I felt compelled to use the "performance review" kiosk to give them a "very poor", which presumably will make no difference at all.

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Another couple of bad ones for us recently as well.

Arrived in T3 from LHR on the delayed SQ321 a few weeks ago and it took us 25 minutes to get through. Came in again last week, this time into T1 on QF and when we got to the arrivals area at the T3 end / C Gates I took one look at the queue, that I estimate was 25-30 deep (seriously), and said f*ck that, we are going to the other end. Fortunately there was only a handful of people there so we were through in about 5 minutes.

Unfortunately the speed through was somewhat wasted as our luggage belt broke for about 20 minutes. What also baffled was they loaded three inbound QF flights on the same belt (SYD, BNE and PER (I think )), which then broke, while the belts either side were empty and not used.

What on earth goes on at Changi these days ?!. Have they lost a lot of their key/experienced people to another airport or something ?.
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I have had 3 shockers in the last 3 weeks.

First into T3 and it took 40 minutes to process a line of no more than 10 deep.

Arrived start of August into T2 and Immigration "Left side" was full, so much so they forced everyone to the other side and that took 45 mins to clear.

Finally Friday afternoon, took 65 minutes to clear immigration. Was absolutely appalling - so much so we have written a letter of complaint: not sure what they will do but...We too clicked the poor performance button. Its interesting watching the videos displayed - a person can go through immigration in 26 seconds...or so the video suggests!

Gone are the days where in could be in a downtown hotel in 30 minutes from stepping off the aircraft. What used to to be great Singapore efficiency, baggage and taxi seems to have fallen by the wayside. As a ME resident it would be quicker and easier to go direct on EK!
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