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Overall Impressions of my Trip:

Let me tell you that I was very very impressed with everything about SQ. Honestly, my parents LOVED the Voyager 3D map, and so did I. I felt really happy to have gotten a plane with these. Information compared to the previous 2D map is still better and improved. My dad had a ton of fun playing around with it.

I used Uber in India, because there we have Indian phone numbers we can use on our existing iPhone, so it helped a lot in many situations. We just never called them for the airport or for long trips (We used taxis). My perception compared to previous trips has made me appreciate my culture and everything about the world compared to when I was young and used to take everything for granted.

As far as the 77WN seats, they are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. Every flight on the 77WN, I felt I never wanted to get out or go for a walk or anything. I did to stretch out, but this was the first time I felt this way. I think SQ did a fantastic job with getting a top notch product. I'm sure J, S, and F are pretty good, too, but I can still live with Y in any case. The A330 2006 product was really good, too.

On SWZ, I used the time based T-Mobile Wifi as well, and same scenario as here, no breakouts or anything like that. In fact, I recommend every 77W (The retrofitted SW* planes) should have this system, too. Unless OnAir has developed a system that is time based like this, that is also acceptable. I could upload IG photos, surf the web, you name it. Saved me a heck of a lot of time during the trip and at home to upload many photos on IG and FB. SFO is very lucky to receive 77WN of this type. It will only be a matter of time SQ2/1 could go 77WR as I lurked around and read SQ's plan was to even get the 77WN to a 77WR config. For Wifi fans, cherish the 77WN Wifi system while it lasts.

My parents' opinion: They loved everything like me. In fact, my mom was really happy taking SQ2 instead of SQ32. At HKG, she was happy to have a transit stop/break and she personally feels the 77W is much more comfortable than the A350. My parents did not use the Wifi but still a good utility to have. As always, you can't go wrong with Singapore Airlines' service. Still the best airline out there.

Here's a pic of SWZ I captured from SIN-HKG thru the fr24 app:

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