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Default Changi T2 Analogue Flight Information Display Boards

In a recent Trip Report, I wondered how long the beautiful analogue flight information display boards would remain.

Well now we know. In a recent news article from CNA (Below), these boards will be removed by February as part of the latest upgrading exercise.


The article also shared the fact that these displays are also known as Solari Boards (Something I was not aware of). I am sad to see these boards go, but also glad to read in the article that they will be repurposed in some way.
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As a young kid, these board, along with the viewing mall and Mcdonald's was what I looked forward to when I went to the airport to send off relatives or a random visit with my family.
Was always intrigued when the boards changed along with the distinctive shuffling sound they made. Even now when check in row information and departure times can be found in apps, I still make it a point to stand in front of these board when departing from T2 till my wife spotted it a few months ago.
Sad to see that everything I looked forward at Changj airport as a young curious child has to make way for advancements in technology.
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A little bit more history about Solari boards. I for one will miss it

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Thought it has been taken down?
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Originally Posted by reddevil0728 View Post
The one between Rows 3 and 4 will be retired in 2022.
Singapore Airlines - A great way to fly...
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