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Final thoughts? Overall, Cathay Pacific in my opinion isn't a bad airline at all. Their food was really good as it had a lot of protein. My mom can't say the same about it. Some food she liked, some she didn't, but I still think in terms of food quality, Singapore Airlines is still #1 for this.

Cathay Pacific is also a major timesaver, along with different carriers like Emirates, especially if your destination lies in Southern India like Chennai. A 14 hour flight from SFO-HKG plus 1-2 hours layover and about a 5 hour flight = 20-21 hours, certainly worth doing. Coming back, also a major timesaver. 5 hour flight to HKG + 4 hour layover + 11-12 hours from HKG-SFO = 20-21 hours, which is great. This is an option we opt to use if other airlines like SQ and EK are expensive when capping our going or return destination from a place not served (i.e. Trivandrum) so we can use MAA as an alternative and plan our trip such that we depart from there.

Because I took a local flight from DEL-VNS, if there's an event where I must touch TRV first or last and SQ and EK are way more expensive, I would be happy to take CX to MAA and connect to a local flight to TRV, which is anyway 1 hour and v.v.

Thoughts on the seat? 10-abreast Economy Class on a 77W is usually never a pleasant thing. I actually do agree, but both trips I sat on the left side and I found the seat to be very comfortable. The screens were bigger too, so I was pretty happy with that. Luckily both the sectors (879/870), the person in front of me did not recline their seat at all. For my mom, this happened, and she felt uncomfortable. She did not enjoy this seat, but she enjoyed the Cirrus seats on the A330 and the 9-across 77W. If you ask my dad, he won't really care to answer or just say it's just okay. One thing he does like is any plane that has 3D maps to play around and zoom to different cities for information kind of like me.

When walking in the cabin, the left side is noticeably roomier to walk in. The right side is quite narrow. In fact, I heard that if you sit on the aisle or right side of the seats, the seats feel much more narrower than sitting on the left side. Can anyone confirm? Doesn't matter what airline.

The Cirrus seats were very comfortable on both the A330 and 9-across 77W. Wider and generally a little easier for sleep.

Thoughts on the service? On pretty much all the legs, the F/As were really friendly. Only on CX879 from SFO-HKG, sometimes they were a little unresponsive and unfriendly, but for the most part, this is NOT a bad airline. Similar to SQ, you can always help yourself to snacks and ask for any drinks whenever you feel dehydrated. They're always happy to make sure you're well fed and hydrated however they can.

More than that, I think the spacing and timing of the meals are terrible. The last time I flew CX, they had their meal timings similar to SQ. Like on the afternoon flight out of HKG, you have a lunch, then later you have a breakfast. I'm not sure why it was a lunch and dinner. On the reverse, lunch at the beginning which was fine, but 5-6 hours later another meal. When I flew SQ15, lunch service and 2 hours before arrival a light snack meal. On top that on 1 out of 4 of my CX flights, we got an antiseptic towelette to freshen up our face or even wipe our hands and this was only on CX879 from SFO to HKG.

Would I fly CX again? For the 10-abreast, probably not. But yes, I would if the price is significantly cheaper than SQ or EK and as long as we're not picky on destination choices. This time for the 10-abreast, I really don't have too much to complain about, but I am certainly looking forward to when the 777X comes to many airlines and hope 10-abreast on that will be like 9-abreast on the 77W. Cathay Pacific overall has a good value for money in my opinion.

However, even in spite of these comments and feedback, I would still prefer to fly SQ as their service is still top-notch, the price is good, food is the best, etc.

Now about some of the photos. I honestly have tried to rotate some of the photos by orientation and it still won't work for tinypic. If you view them on a mobile device it comes along just fine, surprisingly. If you have a suggestion on how I can fix the problem, please let me know. I'm all ears.

Thanks again for reading my TR. All comments and feedback are welcomed.

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Thanks SQfanatic Its not easy to write a long TR, but i appreciated your observations.
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