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Thumbs up Suites/F saver availability - happy with results?

Just a reflection on my own experience for this year, considering savers in Suites/F are widely accepted as difficult to secure?

2 x saver (new Suites ZUR > SIN > F SIN > HND)
2 x saver (old Suites NRT > SIN > new Suites SIN > LHR)
2 x saver (old Suites FRA > SIN > new Suites SIN > HKG)
2 x saver (new Suites PVG > SIN > old Suites SIN > LHR)

None of the above were waitlisted or last minute. This year I also had several other waitlists in J that have cleared within 48 hours for flights well in advance.

In conclusion… I cannot complain, rather I must admit I have had more success than in previous years with redemptions given a little flexibility on dates.

I am wondering if TPPS are now getting more availability/priority when booking than in previous years, or maybe I have been lucky on many occasions!

Anyone else had similar experiences?
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I think PPS has helped. I have done a few upgrades and full redemptions. Mostly PVG-SIN (new suites), NRT-SIN (old suites) and LAX-NRT-SIN (77W) and vice-versa.
I purchase a lot of revenue biz tix so maybe that plays a part...

Most waitlists have cleared. One particular instance was an upgrade on SQ 12 where i had two boarding passes since the same seat wasn't available on both sectors, so I ended up changing as my usual 1A was taken on the first leg. I usually never try to upgrade unless 11A/K on the 77W isn't available. If not, will give it a shot.
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