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Default New AirAsia Mirus Hawk slimlines

AirAsia debuts new Mirus Hawk slimline seats

SEPANG, 30 March 2018 – AirAsia is proud to be the launch customer for the Mirus Hawk, a new slimline seat that combines aircraft cabin innovation with the best of racing engineering.

The high-performance economy class seat – made from carbon fibre, aluminium and genuine leather upholstery – is ergonomically optimised for comfort, passenger living space and style, and is engineered for enhanced durability and reliability.

The new seat is also lighter, and is expected to help AirAsia reduce fuel consumption by more than 70,000 litres and lower CO2 emissions by 200 tonnes per aircraft per year, supporting the airline’s ongoing commitment to low air fares and sustainable business practices.

The Hawk also reinforces AirAsia’s innovation focus on innovation from the airport to the air. All Hawk seats are assembled at the state-of-the-art automotive-style production facility in Norfolk, UK by Mirus Aircraft Seating, which draws on Formula 1 engineering expertise and an automotive production mentality to redefine value in aircraft seating.

AirAsia Group CEO and AirAsia X Co-Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said, “Lots of great work has gone into the Hawk. Not only is this premium seat more comfortable and boasts more legroom but it also weighs less, which is good for our guests, our bottom line and the environment as well.

Thoughts from the more cash-strapped people like me here?

Personally think the aisle side handrests are really too short. But the cabin visually looks very nice, much better than the current boring all-black/all-red rows they have, though I still prefer the D7 aesthetic. Hopefully they are comfortable enough. Apparently have a 28" pitch (or more), according to the Mirrus website.
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The aisle does look wider though, is it the visual impact of the thinner seats or the seats did got narrower?
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