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Default Junior College (JC) Mergers -- What if...

A hot topic in Singapore these days is the upcoming merger of 8 Junior Colleges (JC's).



It appears that some alumni are sad that their old school's name is being consigned to history.

Not a topic related to SQ or aviation of course, but I wonder if the approach that United Airlines and Continental took when they merged may help address this issue.

As we all know, when the UA/CO merger took place, the name United was retained, but the aircraft livery and colours were all based on Continental.

Applying the same approach to the JC mergers: for each pair of JC's, perhaps they could retain the name of one JC, but use the uniform of the other. That way, each JC retains something of the history of each school.

(Might not be a bad compromise, as long as they don't apply UA's previous procedures for offloading if there are more students than places in the enrolment...)
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I'm pretty sure "re-accommodation" is a United "patent" and our local JCs won't be using.
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Interesting Fareed Zakaria GPS last night on CNN

Deregulation of airline industry in US has led to higher airfares

(4 major carriers with 87% market share)

Regulation in Europe has led to lower airfares!

2 US airlines in Skytrax(OK I know) top 100 airlines
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