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Default Run Report: Changi Airport Connector - ECP to Jurassic Mile & Changi Airport

The new Changi Airport Connector opened on October 11 this year. This 3.5km route connects East Coast Park to Changi Airport, making the airport terminals directly accessible to pedestrians and cyclists for the first time. As East Coast Park goes all the way to the city and beyond, it is now possible to go on bike or foot all the way from Changi Airport to Marina Bay and other central attractions in Singapore. Getting from the Airport to Marina Bay would be a total distance of 20+ km -- quite feasible on a bicycle, and even on foot, if you have the time (and endurance)!

While we had news of the upcoming connector on SQTalk as early as August this year, the news that there was were also going to be a section with dinosaurs probably came as a surprise to many!

I live in the East of Singapore, and spend a lot of time at East Coast Park. It is a wonderful place to exercise or simply stroll along the beach. The beach and views there are always a refreshing change from the urban sprawl of much of Singapore. There have always been park connectors that will allow you to get all the way to Changi Beach Park and Changi Village from ECP, but until now there was no way to actually get to the Changi Airport passenger terminals themselves.

Now that the Changi Park Connector is open, I can see myself running to the airport (a distance of about 12km from where I live, close to the East Coast Lagoon) on a regular basis, and I suspect many cyclists will also find this to be a very pleasant route to cycle on, even if the Jurassic Mile stretch can be quite congested at times.

A lot of the buzz about the airport connector is around the Jurassic Mile: a stretch done up Jurassic Park style, with dinosaurs along a one mile stretch (Or is it more like 1km?). This certainly makes it quite unique among Park Connectors in Singapore. That said, that is just a short 1km segment of the route. The Jurassic Mile is right next to T4. However since T4 is currently closed, it is about a 1.5km-2km distance from T2 to get to the Jurassic Mile.

The other option to get to the Jurassic Mile is to head to it from East Coast Park, starting from any convenient point along the ECP.

Last Wednesday evening, I did just that: I did a run, starting at the Lagoon View Bus Stop along Marine Parade Road, using the ECP expressway underpass to head to the East Coast Lagoon and Food Village, then headed along the ECP and Park Connector to the Jurassic Mile, ending my run at Hub & Spoke at T2.

My 11km route that day is shown below...

A very enjoyable run, with nice views all along the route, and a convenient end point at Hub & Spoke, right next to Terminal 2.

Details of the run coming up!

To skip straight to the Changi Jurassic Mile, click here.

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