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Default Making of Changi Airport documentary

Found this documentary on youtube detailing the construction of Changi Airport.
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Wow, great find! Thanks for sharing!
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What a fantastic blast from the past! Brings back memories! Thanks for sharing, boing!
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I was impressed with the foresightedness and attention to detail they had with the taxiway bridge on South Cross.

I always wondered why they constructed it with curved arched pier instead of a coventional piers as it's both difficult to construct and a pain to do the calculations for the loads, dynamic loads mind you. And this was the designed in the 70s, when a calculator was a luxury.

And to think the designers thought of the tunnel effect and the impression it would have on the people entering and leaving the country.

Even more impressive is the fact that this was designed at a time when B747 was the biggest aircraft of its time and probably 5+ years in service with a MTOW of 300 tons. And this same bridge can comfortably handle a fully laden A380 weighing in close to 550 tons trundling on it multiple times a day close to 3 decades after it was built.
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