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Default CNX Airport Guide

The airport’s website: http://www2.airportthai.co.th/airportnew/chiangmai/index.asp?lang=en

Customs and Immigration formalities. Do I need to fill out any forms? How do I get through quicker?
Yes, you are required to fill out a white form which is split into two parts, arrival and departure. They staple the departure card to your passport upon arrival. It is also the only immigration form I know of that asks your income. This can be left blank. Clearing immigration is quite painless here as there aren’t many international flights.

Visa requirements here:

Vaccination requirements here:

Luggage reclaim: Do priority tags work? Is it quick or slow?
In practice, priority or no priority, baggage claim is very quick. Note that Chiangmai is an international airport and luggage arrivals are split– international connection baggage containers get unloaded to the international belt with customs. Domestic passengers’ bags are sent to the domestic hall. There is no segregation ON the plane, however.

Duty Free Shops – Costs for typical items
There is a no duty free shop on arrival. Prices are on the high side and are not worth buying here.

Transport to Town tips – what’s the best way?
Taxi – Most taxis charge a flat rate of 300THB to town, and it is a short ride (no more than 10 minutes). Turn left upon arrival.

Are there any left luggage services? Where and how much?
Located on the first floor.

Are there airport hotels? Are they airside? Are they within the compound?
There are no hotels on the compound.

Things to avoid: The pitfalls of this place
Avoid taking a tuk tuk FROM the airport. Use a licensed taxi, or you may end up doing a side tour through Chiangmai before arriving at your hotel

Best way to get back to the airport from town. How much will it cost?
Hotel limos are the most reliable. Average rates from downtown are circa 350THB. Tuk tuks BACK to the airport are also an option if you do no have luggage.

Which terminal? Who flies out from where?
All flights - international or domestic, depart and arrive at single terminal building. International departures are to the left as you enter the building, domestic to the right.

Note: If you are traveling internationally even through Bangkok – you need to check in at the International side.

Who has lounges here, and which one can I use?
TG has a Royal Orchid lounge in the domestic side. There is no lounge in the international side. *G pax are instead given a drink coupon.

What sort of food is available in the concourse areas?
There are several coffee shops landside departures. There is also a Dairy Queen ice cream joint.

Any immigration forms on departure?
Yes, this is part of the card you received on your inbound

Any airport tax to be paid on departure?

Yes a 500THB passenger service charge is payable for international departures although this is set to change for departures post Feb 1 2007, where it will be included in the ticket price. Domestic passengers also attract a charge of 50THB but this is already included in the ticket price.

Is there free internet around somewhere?
There is no free wi-fi, although there are several paid ones from Shin Hotspots. True Wi-FI and ToT-hotspots.

Any food or shopping that I shouldn’t miss before my flight?
No, the best food is outside the airport. Duty free prices are high and best avoided due to the King Power monopoly.

How strict are they with hand luggage here?
Not very. 2 pieces seems to be the norm regardless of class or carrier

Security – Laptops out? Shoes off? Tips? Any No-Liquid restrictions?
Laptops can be left inside, shoes can be kept on. There is also no restriction on liquids for now

Can I smoke in this airport? Where?
You can smoke in the domestic smoking room behind the black canyon café there, or in the international lounge, also behind the other black canyon cafe

Anything I should avoid?
Nothing of note

Connecting through here:
Are the international terminals and domestic terminals in the same building? How do I get around? Will I need to clear CIQ before going on to my next international or domestic flight?
If you are connecting from an international flight to a domestic flight to HKT/CEI or BKK you will not have to clear CIQ. If you are connecting to a domestic flight to anywhere else in Thailand you will. If you are transferring to another international flight – you also do not need to clear CIQ

Overnighting at this airport:
Is it possible? Does the terminal close?
No, the airport closes.

Which lounge can I overnight in? Can I sleep in the concourse?
As above

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Thanks for this report SQFG,

it's very useful.
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