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Default Some musings on attaining Solitaire

I recently qualified for Solitaire after a decade or mere PPS-ness. I accumulated about 86k in PPS Value to get there, and while I did get the PPS Rewards at 30 and 40k, I did not get the 60 and 75k ones (nor had I expected to get them). It came as a pleasant surprise that I did get the 60/75k Rewards credited retroactively after qualifying for TPP. This is something SQ did not have to do, so I'm quite pleased with this. Obviously this will no longer be a consideration once the new system kicks in.

I also received my welcome package in the mail with the new cards, luggage tags and spouse card application form. Nothing special there, but the thing that really struck me is that the application for the spouse card has to be mailed physically, and that you even have to affix your own stamp. Seriously, SQ? For domestic Singapore mail? After 250k in PPS Value? It's not the cost of the stamp, obviously, but the hassle of finding a SAM and getting a stamp. I'm not used to that anymore.

Anyway, overall I'm pleased with the Rewards and the eagerly anticipating the god-like service levels that await me now.
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Congratulations WBT for the TPP qualification!
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Originally Posted by StarG View Post
Congratulations WBT for the TPP qualification!
Congratulations WBT! If all works out, I might be joining you later this year. But really wondering how big of a difference there will be. Would be interested in hearing more from you as you experience the benefits of TPP.
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Thank you for the congratulations! Getting to TPP has been somewhat arduous, but I'm glad I managed to squeak in under the old system.

I'm not really holding my breath for a massive change in the way I'm treated, but the main benefits I expect to get are:
  1. Spouse card: while Mrs. WBT has qualified for PPS on occasion, it's a relief not to have to worry about her status, and to have her at *G at a minimum.
  2. First class lounge access: the flights I'm on tend to depart in the peak period late at night, and it can be hard to find a spot to sit in the business class lounge at Changi. This is even more the case when traveling as a family... finding three (and soon, four) seats at that time is almost impossible. Access to other, nicer lounges at outstations is also of interest (e.g. JFK).
  3. Redemption priority: I've had pretty good experiences redeeming flights in business class the last few years, and being TPP can only help. Not sure how much, though...
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And when seats are available, an upgrade to F (if you're in J) when you fly around your birthday. Get a birthday cake, lots of champagne and a homemade birthday card signed by the pilots and FAs of that flight!
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