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Originally Posted by 9V-JKL View Post
You do realize its only a mere 10cm wider. That's not a lot.
I mean, 1-1 would make sense if they were starting with 2017 Suites copy-pasted from the A380.

Though I'm not sure how well that would work out, especially since the bean counters appear to be asking for denser cabins given how dense newer planes are compared to old ones. They could find a way to charge a premium, maybe?

I'd wonder whether something like Lufthansa's old 744 upper deck F with separate bed and chair would work in 1-1-1 on the 777X. Also EK and CX are already doing 1-1-1 in F on the 777.
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Current 77W have only 4 F seats and for the 779 if SQ go with 1-1-1 it would be reduced to 3 F seats altho SQ may go 6 seats but in view of the current demand, it will more likely be either 3 or 4 seats in F on the 779.
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