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It was back to not recognising Singapore as a destination again the other day.
Incheon : Connected to the world, cut-off from Korea
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So, I suppose only me...… Every time I come back to the site, after a few days, I keep being told my password is not accepted and I need to reset. When I reset, obviously, I'm now also not allowed to use one I've used before...… definitely running out of ideas now.

I'm fed up needing to reset every time I visit the site.
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I'm getting Access Denied while trying to login
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "http://www.singaporeair.com/home/kfLoginHomePage.form" on this server.
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Originally Posted by CheapoFlyer View Post
I'm getting Access Denied while trying to login
I got it too. Just close your browser and clear all cache and history. Then it worked. Think this had to do with last nights maintenance
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More weird stuff...
Just tried to add frequent flyer numbers (non-KF) to my booking and as soon as you hit the drop down list to select a program the full line in the form for program and number simply vanishes from the page.
Tried three different browsers, but same results in everyone.
Does anyone there ever test things?
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I was just able to cancel a redemption booking online and miles got refunded immediately.

Finally, an enhancement that actually works properly!
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